We Move Books!

We Move Books

The back of the mobile library chicken bus has even the same typography and three-step color gradient as the public transportation buses. However, it lacks the naked-woman silhouette on shiny metal and/or the Disney cartoon figures (what’s the fascination with Tweety bird, can anyone explain it to me?). Instead, it has a three-word slogan: we move books!, other than that you could not tell the difference from PROBIGUA‘s bibliobuses and the regular camionetas. If you don’t believe me, please, browse over the 2,112 photos of chicken buses at Flickr (about 99% are from Guatemala; can someone explain me the foreigners’ fascination with chicken bus?).

Countdown side note: 3 more days to May 1st one-year anniversary. For the year two of Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo, I will also cover the process of how textiles, forged metal crafts, wooden furniture and handicraft are made. Stay tune and come back often; daily if you can!

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  • This is a good idea as I said before. Lots of books available to lots of people who would otherwise not have anything to read. Good photo.

  • Great series on the chicken buses. I came in a few days late and have very much enjoyed your explanation. I also like all your links. In the US we have mobile libraries as well. Sharing literature is always a positive thing to do.

  • Ah, two countries so different from each other, but almost the same in library buses. We have them, too, but without seats, just full of shelves with books.

  • Meg

    Rudy, once there are so many of these buses flooding the city, will people still be calling them chicken buses?

  • Geraldina

    I took Spanish language classes through PROBIGUA last year and I’m coming back this year. I loved going out on the bibliobus and meeting children, trying to read to them. It was a great experience. I highly recommend donating books and supporting PROBIGUA.