Electrified Barb Wire

Electrified  Barb Wire

This shot could be anywhere in the world, except for the fact of the blue in the sky can only be Guatemala; so they tell me.

Because of the reasons I described yesterday, more people tend to use electrified barbed wire to protect their houses; sometimes, they use two or three rows stocked.

I have shown many beautiful walls around La Antigua Guatemala, but this is a type of wall, which I dislike, that can also be found here. Like Pamela, I despise the view of the naked block, concrete block, breeze block, or whatever they call it in your neck of the woods. How about you?

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  • Jerry

    Around here we call this wire, razor wire, and it is commonly found on walls and fences around the prison units in Texas. Often there are double fences with rows of this stuff on top. Never sure if it is to keep the residents in or the curious out….Probably both.

  • One of my least favorite things about Latin America….I remember feeling imprisoned when I first went to my friends house in Venezuela and there were bars on all the windows!
    I answered your comment on my blog, but here is what I wrote, so you don’t have to go searching for it:
    “Thanks, Rudy, for your compliments! I just started my blog (and found yours through the portal) in February, after I was already back here from Guatemala! I love seeing your pictures because it reminds me of my trip, and I can see all of the things that I didn’t get to see in my 2 days in Antigua.
    Omaheña is a nickname, I guess, made up by my Latino international student friends. In English, I think it’s Omahan, which sounds funny to me. And I’m really more Latina now than American, but I’m still from here, so Omaheña, I guess, is kind of a mixture of the two cultures!
    ¡Y te aseguro que te voy a buscar la siguiente vez que vaya a Guatemala!”

  • I have to comment about the beautiful sky.
    The sky is just as blue here in Colorado, maybe even more. It is the altitude (Denver is 1 mile high just like Antigua) and the low humidity. I have several pictures, but not online. Just do a search on Google.

    “Gracias por tu foto de Antigua que me gusta mucho”

  • This always makes me sad — seeing evidence that people do not feel safe and are not safe in their homes. (Or their property isn’t, anyway.) I was robbed last year…not too much stuff taken…but it really changes one’s perspective. Made me think. (Made me kind of angry too.) One thing it has done for me is question why I would buy an expensive material possession — in my case, jewelry. Why? I try to remind myself now to save my money or to buy something that will last. A trip to visit family that will result in better relationships and long-lasting memories. Course, I find myself still lingering over jewelry adds. You mentioned Guate is famous for jade, didn’t you? … 🙂