Big Doorway #5 and Shadow Casting Lamp

Doorway and Lamp #5

Boy oh boy, I enjoy breaking the rules. For today we are breaking the photographic rule that says you should avoid taking photos at noon. This is a follow up shot to one my favorites: Shadow casting lamp. Check it out and I hope you like too.

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  • i like the doors. as to your last post. i already know your un document works and i know they are hard working, good people as a whole. as for babies i even know one family who adopited a baby but it was a mexican.
    i have not eat your fried chicken but if i was to find it here it probably would have been raised by a tyson farmer. there is nothing new under the sun.

  • Somehow these doors have Medieval Gothic feel to them.

  • Rules are made to be broken. I like your photo and it wouldn’t be the same if you waited another minute or two.

  • So glad you are a rule breaker! The shadow is a perfect diamond! And I love the brillant yellow.

  • One of my favorite, and you’ve done nicely with the combination of crisp, bright colors!