Wooden Cayuco Flower pot

Wooden Cayuco Flower pot

Cayucos are small indigenous hand-made vessels, sort like kayaks, that can be found around Lake Atitlán, about two hours from La Antigua Guatemala (see satellite maps). So, since there is no actual lake in Antigua Guatemala, you have to find new uses for those old and aged cayucos; flower and plant pots is one of them. They work great and look even better.

What do you think about recycling this old cayucos?

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  • Beautiful Blog n i like this blog.

  • They would make nice caskets also.

  • I can’t think of a better way to showcase the flowers and the cayucos!
    As an aside, (beware long aside! 🙂 ) I met a bilingual couple this weekend at my niece’s 1-year old party. (I probably meet bilingual couples more often than I realize, but this time I was aware of it. 🙂 ) They changed fluidly from speaking Spanish to their two little ones, 3 and 18 mo., and English to everyone at the party. The development of bilingual children fascinates me. It’s hard to do, I’ve been told! One of my friends in high school said her parents refused to allow English to be spoken in their home. They felt it was the only way the kids would learn and retain Spanish. My sister’s mother-in-law speaks French and her tribal language. And I’m so proud of my sister for learning French and communicating so well with her. For the first time I felt a desire to learn French too! Rudy — how did you learn English? Did you grow up bilingual?

  • is this a boat, that is what i think. makes nice flower pots and my father would have used it to feed his cows in, i think.

  • The “passengers” in your boat look a whole lot happier than those poor fellows in the cayucos arriving in Tenerife, although some of the craft are really rather pretty.

  • Jerry

    Flowers are my second favorite photographic subject. Kids, especially my favorite Guatemalan baby girl, Carolina, are my favorite subject. This is a beautiful shot. Here in East Texas we recycle a lot of objects into planters. Keep up the good work.