Fine for a Family of Four

Fine for Family of Four

This reckless image can be seen often in La Antigua Guatemala, where motorcycles are fast becoming the most popular vehicle (thanks to Mr. Bush). I have seen four people, or even five people, in a single two-wheel motorcycle; two adults and two or three children. So as you can see in the photo above, a motorcycle is fine for a family of four.

Is this something you can photograph in your home town?

Economic/Political Side Note: In 2001 when we arrived to Guatemala the cost of a gallon of gasoline was around Q12 (Q is short for Quetzales, the Guatemalan currency) or about US$1.50 at the exchange rate of Q8 per US$1. Then, Bush took the U.S. to two wars (or invasions, depends who you read) and the price of gasoline began to climb. Today, in Guatemala the price of the same gallon of gasoline is around Q27 or US$3.56 at Q7.58 per US$1 (minimum wage in Guatemala is about US$5.25 per day). The world is less safer (remember Madrid and London). The U.S. has become one of the worst offenders and violators of Human Rights as seen in all the evidence in the Guantanamo prisoners and in Iraq. More than two hundred thousand innocent people have died in Iraq, and who knows how many more in Afghanistan. The same question for the number of dead soldiers from the U.S., Spain, U.K. and others. The whole planet is warmer and more catastrophic; The dollar has devalued against many currencies in Latin America, making the cost of fuels even more expensive. Okay, I know, Bush’s wars are only part of the cause; a big part I may add.

This increase in fuel costs are probably the main cause for the popularity of motorcycles, Tuk Tuks motor taxis and bicycles as means of transportation. I hope this clarifies to many visitor from the U.S. why your decisions at election time are so important to your neighbors down south and elsewhere. You vote, we suffer the consequences!

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  • Scott

    Economic/Political Side Note: I like it…..and what a great idea!!! Blame the world’s problems on one person, and no one else will have to be accountable for anything. Excellent!

  • Victor


    Is it not human nature to point blame at someone else for one’s own problems? In the future, when another country has more money and power than the US (China?), we can blame them. But for now, I say we all blame the US. It’s clear from reading several other posts by Rudy, that he doesn’t like the US. This is his site, so he can say what he wants too. I am surprised that Rudy did not say something about US’s restrictive immigration laws. Anyway, going back to oil, my question is why isn’t Mexico easing the price of Guatemala’s cost of gas. Mexico is the 6th largest exporter of oil. If US isn’t going to help Guatemala, why does not Mexico.

  • Rudy, I’m with you, absolutely every word. We too have felt the effects from rising transport prices, falling dollar … My earnings, as they are mostly in US dollars, have halved in recent years, but my costs of living keep rising. Maybe Mexico could help. Venezuela is another possibility, but I don’t know. Certainly, the US situation is affecting world markets, currency rates and, attitudes considerably. Being British and because of Blair’s puppy dog following of Bush, I’ve had racist comments aimed at me and have to apologize for my nationality.

    None of that was happening before Bush started invasions. Coincidence? No, I too say that the current situation is down to Bush’s actions. That is not blaming all the world’s problems on one person (of course, there are other problems and there may be one or two he hasn’t made worse) and that is still not the same thing as not liking the US. Many of us have friends and relatives in the US. I have both. Rudy has lived there. I’ve visited and, liked a lot of what I saw. We simply do not approve of the policies of its current administration.

    Oh, you will still find inappropriate use of motorcycles here in Tenerife: it used to be normal use for youngsters as you have it now, a decade or so ago here, but traffic laws have been tightened up so much, that they wouldn’t get away with it (for safety’s sake, a good thing). But there was a case in the news a while back, where police stopped a moped carrying three occupants in Santa Cruz – only to find that the middle one was a GOAT, wearing a crash helmet! 🙂

  • Scott, first of all, I did not say Bush was 100% responsible for all the problems of the world; that would be to give the man too much power. His decision to go to war did cause the prices to go up on fuels, right? or am I imagineing that too?

    Victor, actually I do like the U.S. and its people; as a matter of fact, most of my family live there. Some of my best friends are people from the good U.S.A.; heck I am very Americanized (USnized) with my taste for music, literature, independent films (come on, who doesn’t like Woody Allen?), and very long et-cetera. Half of my life I lived it there. Now, what I don’t like are some of politicians from U.S. and their external policies of war, invasion and imperialistic Coup d’Etats. But, you can blame me for that, right?

    Please, Victor and others, don’t confuse my dislike of some politicians for my feelings towards 300 million people.

  • Somebody

    I don’t know about Rudy’s past statements, I found his blog quite recently, but what’s so wrong about what he said today and why are we so quick to say that someone “doesn’t like the US” just because they express their political point of view? Oh, and by the way, that future you are talking about is just around the corner so be sure to open your mind as well as your ears and eyes. And since you choose no to link to your ID, I won’t either.

    Cheers, Rudy.

  • i am glad you are smart enough to figure out bush is the reason for gas prices but you must consider his reason. mr . chaney and bush both made their wealth in oil so the price here is going up every day and no one can see that bush is the reason.

  • just read victory’s comment. we have three groups of people in this country. the polital leaders, the wealthy and the poor common people. we common people have no power, to change or influnce any one.
    my sister says something that i find interesting, we as a country are living and using all the resourses of this earth . eating to much. our national health problem is fat. using the resourses for our things, cars tv ‘s and all the other things that we must have while hunger is the problem in most of the other countries.
    we can’t change any of this but it is a good idea to realize this way of life is not going to last.
    as for rudy i am grateful that he has given me a chance to see how people in other parts of the world live.
    even if rudy didn’t “LIKE” the U S a lot of people in this world “HATE” us now thanks to our goverment’s action over the last 40 years or so.

  • Jerry

    Ok, I don’t agree with your political views but I do find your thoughts interesting, and certainly do not take your thoughts as a slap at all Americans. If all of us believed the same things, what a boring world! I think everyone should travel to an under-developed country to get a really good view of how over-indulged that we who live in the US truly are. We are a land of excess.

    While traveling in Guatemala, we saw this often and it really scares me. This is totally illegal in Texas, and if caught would be a serious offense. No helmets, children on the motorcycle, overloading the capacity of the motorcycle, and that motorcycle may not even be considered street legal here! So scary.

    Was this photo taken on the street by the Post Office?

  • Claudia

    Scott, I think you misunderstood. People are not pointing the finger – but we as a society must take a look at the whole picture; the Bush regime has affected everyone and I cannot think of one positive. When the Latin American leaders are puppets of the United States Government, and their heinous actions go unpunished, it affects everyone – why do you think so many undocumented immigrants flee to America? Read up on the Trato de Libre Comercio; who do you think is making the $5.00 shirt you are purchasing at wal-mart, old navy, etc? And think if the store is makig a profit, how much of that $5.00 gets trickled down to the people who work 16 hour days at the maquilas? I’m not saying Bush is to blame for everything; but when you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. I support our troops; I am against the war, where has it gotten us? Have we caught Bin Ladden?

  • Herbasio

    Here in the States things are totally different, crazy people are driving motorcycles at 90 mph, that is dangerous; so they need helmets for sure.

  • Donna

    I agree that Bushes policies have been very damaging to the US image in the world. I think that we are going to have a huge mess to clean up in Iraq. I do not support the war but I do not see how we can just leave now and let chaos rule. I know there have been 100 of thousands of civilians killed I think that is also due to the suicide bombings as well as the troops. But They tell our kids they are fighting for democracy and then we make it illegal to do just about anything. Bushes gov’t has to many fingers in the american households business! And I am sure that generalizes to Bushes gov’t having too many fingers in other countries business’!

  • juanfran

    Although I am everyday amazed by your photos, I almost never send you a feedback, I enjoy those pictures as well as their captions. But there is something that forces me to write back, and it is the complete agreement I have with your opinion.

    In fact I am one of those millions people suffering from the collateral effect of such international politics.

    Hope the awakening begins soon!

  • Wow, Rudy! Just let it fly! 🙂 Good to hear your perspective. That’s what Daily Photo is all about. Learning from one another. Like the motobike photo, BTW. I wish they had helmets on.

  • Thomas

    I think you should all lighten up a bit. Way too serious. I think that Scott was being a bit sarcastic (on purpose). Unfortunately none of you understood that.

    I think the problem is that when someone reads something that happens to sound intelligent to them and it happens to agree with their point of view, their brain becomes one-sided and they can’t open their minds to other perspectives. Contrary to what you all think, high oil prices are a result of several things (big oil companies conspiring together, an organization called OPEC, and a concept that is taught in Economics 101 called supply and demand. Sorry to disappoint you, but I disagree that the main contributing factor is a result of the Bush administration.

  • Tristemente no solo la necesidad hace que las familias de 4 usen una sola moto, sino que se expongan a accidentes. El problema es que ninguno lleva casco! De repente alguien por accidente los atropella, resulta que en sus manos quedan la vida de 4 personas sin razón aparente, o mejor dicho, que se pudo haber evitado. — Sadly not only the families must have this type of vehicle to transport themselves, but they put their lives in risk, because none of them is wearing a helmet! What happens if someone in a car accidentally crashes with them? He/She would be responsible of 4 lives, something that could have been avoided.


  • Somebody

    Thomas, you paint the perfect picture of the patronizing, arrogant American jerk.

    You, and only you, happened to understand Scott’s statement… Must be because it takes one to know one.

  • Somebody and everyone else, please respect each others opinion. We are all entitled to have an opinion and to be treated with respect even if we don’t agree. Let’s not lose this aspect here.

  • Denise

    Sounds like somebody’s been watching to much Fox news and not getting the whole story.
    I, like Pamela have had more than my fair share of crappy comments directed at me because of something US politicians have said or done. Before you call me a hater or a killer at least ask me who I voted for.
    The people who think this blog editor is wrong or just picking on Americans for no reason, should have the balls to travel the world in a “I love Bush – Cheney” T shirt and see how far they get. We all know that’s not going to happen. It’s easy to say something wonderful about them on a blog, but you’ll notice most of those who still support the current party won’t do it in public. That says a lot for the type of people they are. I want to see them wearing it loud and proud!
    I traveled 16 countries before the current administration and people used to love Americans. Not so anymore. Don’t try throwing the “it’s because they’re jealous of Americans” crap at me. I can’t believe the world suddenly became jealous of the country that boasts the highest rate of morbid obesity in the world,,, or maybe it’s the record foreclosure numbers, falling dollar, sky rocketing deficit, failing social security and lack of health care for children and elderly. I bet they’re super jealous of the fact the constitution is now being treated like toilet paper.
    Sorry I don’t have all night to finish the list.
    GO RUDY!

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