Details, Details Around Antigua Guatemala

Forged Metal Lamp and Window Crates

I believe the magic of La Antigua Guatemala is in its details, often overlooked, like a lamp. You can browse the Doors and Windows, Details and Fountains and Gardens categories just a get a feel of all those wonderful details that make for an enchanting experience a visit to this Spanish Colonial Town embedded between coffee plantations, flower farms and volcanoes.

A question for those who have visited La Antigua Guatemala. Was there anything that you really liked about this town?

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  • There was so much, it’s hard to put it into words! I loved the people…very friendly! I loved the size of the town…easy to walk around and compact. I loved the architecture. I loved the beauty of both the town itself and the surounding landscape. I loved the food. I loved the restaurants…so many different kinds of cuisines available. I loved the climate (we were there in February). I loved the art that was everywhere…both the art of the indigenous culture and other forms…painting, photography etc. I loved the history and the pride the people have in their town and it’s history. It’s just a wonderful place to visit and I can see why people end up staying!

  • Tina

    I loved the cobblestone streets. It was so neat to see these streets that are so old still being used. Of course the same could be said for most of the structures, but there is many places where the buildings are old, yet the streets are new. So the streets really struck out in my mind.

  • Love the lamp and the clean receding background. What did I love? Is it a cop out to say the people? Hee hee. I was there during Semana Santa, so I’d have to say the processionals.

  • I love La Antigua Guatemala. I love the color, the contrasts of wealth and poverty, the hustle and bustle….many things. I find the people friendly. One big romantic bundle.

    And the windows, as you have captured so well in this photo.

  • Herbasio

    Kate I said it perfectly