Inside the Safety Zone

Inside the Safety Zone

Ever since I took a snapshot of a Electrified barb wire fence I wanted to come back to the subject to get an inside view. I imagine that you will see many concentric circles getting smaller as the approach the vanishing point. The question is can one find beauty in these type of subjects? I believe it is only in the constant search of the right angle and/or perspective.

What do you think?

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  • I can’t imagine why this wire would be necessary unless it is around a prison.

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  • Awesome. Just an awesome picture. It jumps out at me.

  • Abe, barb or razor wire is very common in Latin American homes; as horrible as it may sound.

    Lessie, I am glad you like it. I need to explore the subject further until I really get a very abstract image.

  • That’s actually a neat photo. Could be just about any where in the world.