Dramatic Illumination of Ruins and Historic Buildings

dramatic illumination of ruins

Even though I have shown a few photos of La Antigua Guatemala taken at twilight or at night such as Tree Branches on Fire, Lit Branches at Parque Central, or Captains’ Palace at night, I had not talked about the spot lights that are placed at strategic points in ruins and historic buildings at night. It is a good idea to walk (or drive) around Antigua at night with your camera and a tripod to catch the dramatic illumination of ruins and historic building which you may have overlooked during the day. By the way, I know this is not a very good example of dramatic illumination of a ruin, but I decided to post the photo anyway just to give you an idea of how they place the spot light to highlight and add drama to an old building. I took this photo with without a tripod, on my way home the other night. I took a couple of shots, but I was not completely satisfied with either; here is the other shot.

I will come back to this subject in June with a series of photos of Antigua by night; I will follow my own advice as stated above and use a tripod while looking for the best perspective. Stay tune!

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  • Excelente perspectiva mi estimado. Derrepente nos deleitas con una claroscura con su luna llena en blanco y negro. Vos sabes como ponerle exprimir el lente. Saludos y felicitaciones por el trabajo.

  • sompopo

    I like both shots. Did you take that with the Cannon? If so what settings did you use. I have the A-540 and have been wanting to try that effect at night. Really cool pics.

  • me encanta! las fotos tan oscuras son para mí dificilísimas! no tengo trípode y siempre tengo que apañarmelas de cualquier forma,…. a ver si le pido uno a los Reyes Magos… uy si aun queda mucho! 😉

  • Edgar: Veremos que se puede hacer.

    Sompopo: I set the camera on Tv (time) for about 4 o 5 seconds. I did not have a tripod so I have to use my VW beetle as support.

    Dsole: ¿Aún crees en los Reyes Magos? Me has sacado una sonrisa.

  • Stunning. What a cool idea to use spotlights like that. Great photo.

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