Clamping the Automobiles on the No-parking Zone

No-Parking Zone Clamp

Just about all the streets in La Antigua Guatemala are one-way venues and you can only park on one side of the street; the other side is marked on the side of the sidewalk with red paint. If you park on the no-parking zone you may have your vehicle immobilized by the cepo police (cepo are the big orange clamps that are put on the tires). If I am not mistaken, I believe a big orange clamp, or cepo as they call it here, will set you back about Q250 (US$1 equals 7.67 Quetzales, the Guatemalan currency name).

I feel for this poor fellow who was just cashing his check; he parked right across the bank. I know where his cash is going. 🙁

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  • Poor guy ! Maybe he was robbing the bank so he had to run away with loot 🙁

  • that would be funny! robing the bank and running out to find a clamp on the get away car. but why would anyone take the chance to parking in a no parking zone if they know the law? they should know red means no in any language, of course it may be like the cross walks in our town, the paint has faded away.

  • sompopo

    There is a part of Atlanta Georgia near downtown called “Buckhead” which has lots of bars and music halls and these devices which are called “Boots” here are notorious down there. For a time the people who installed these things where pretty much unregulated and could charge just about anything before removing them. The average now is around 80 to 120 dollars. I have actually seen people drive off with them still attached showering sparks all the way down the road. Pretty funny.
    I have also seen fights break out over them too.

  • Son unos verdugos esos desgraciados de la Muni. No solo en la Antigua, tambien en la Capital y otros lugares. Se intenta implementar una medida correctiva innecesaria y en pleno abuso de la ciudadania. No excuso a la gente que se siente propietaria de las calles y que creen estar absueltos de toda ley o regulacion vial, sin embargo, hay muchas formas y medidas que se deberian de tomar antes de engancharte el carro y sacartelo o embaucarte con una deuda con el estado. Un robo a todas luces.