Inside a House from Antigua Guatemala

Inside a House from Antigua Guatemala

Normally I have only shown the façade of many houses and building in La Antigua Guatemala for an obvious reason: I do not have access to the inside. Well, some of you may ask, what is on the other side of the wall? For sure there is no easy answer, but there are some common aspects of the archiitecture of Antigua Guatemala. Most of the time Antiguan architecture dictates to have a simple façade to the outside with only doors and windows showing, but this simplicity shown on the outside is completely ignore for the inside where you can have gardens, patios, fountains, half fountain, búcaro fountains, pergolas, cobblestone patios or ceramic tiles, metal and/or wooden doors and crates, forged-metal railings, copulas for air, light or as chimney for the kitchens or living rooms. The real beauty of house in Antigua Guatemala is in the inside. Too bad I can not show you the inside of many houses around Antigua. Nonetheless, I will show as many aspects of house when I am given permission. For now enjoy a peek at the other side of the wall.

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  • I like your photograph of the outside of the house and the gates. It is important to me and I suppose to others that the inside be private and only those invited should get to see it or enter. Otherwise the home is no longer a man’s castle but everyone’s bus stop.

    I like your narrative of the things on the other side and I am glad the people want to keep it that way.

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  • Oh, so fabulous. The details of the cobblestone and the house itself. Just gorgeous.

  • Marco

    Hello Rudy and all I am happy to now have had a first hand look and feel of Antigua Guatemala. After seven days I left with tears in my eyes at the beauty of the land and people that form my roots. Having left as a toddler I really needed to get back in touch with this. The houses are beautiful but the outside facade does imply the importance of both privacy and security in a culture that at many points had both invaded and violated. The inner beauty of these is reserved for those who are lucky enough to be well known and trusted by those who reside there. There are houses however, like the small boutique hotel where I stayed, that were formerly someone’s home or better said, mansion. So in your travels you may find some “posada” or “pension” that may reflect the architecture and decorations of the other side of the wall, without intruding on anyone’s privacy. Look forward to another trip and another lunch visit with you where we can eat, have a couple of “Moza’s” under a “portal” in Antigua, and talk about are beautiful country.

  • It is beautiful Rudy and, consistent with what I find here. It was even more marked in the days when people didn’t paint those breeze block walls. I’ve been inside many an ugly grey box to find a mini-palace inside.

  • Di

    Know of any good, safe, long-term places to live in Antigua for under 500?

  • i love this house its really amazing nice job!!!!!