VII Summit of First Ladies of Central America, Panama and Dominican Republic

Woman, axis of development in the family and community

La Antigua Guatemala is the preferred location for summits, international conferences, high-level political official meetings, visits of presidents and kings and queens. So it is no surprise to see the VII Summit of First Ladies of Central America, Panama and Dominican Republic being hosted in La Antigua Guatemala. The slogan for the summit is: Woman, axis of development in the family and community.

For some unknown reason to me, this summits hasn’t generated any press coverage. Checking the web sites of the two Guatemalan newspaper that I read, neither elPeriódico nor Prensa Libre had any news-bits about the agenda or anything related to the summit. It was through the old trusted google that found an article in the Guatemalan government official newspaper, Diario de Centro America, and another column in the Spanish news portal of Yahoo.

Basically, the first ladies want to promote strategies in favor of the women of the region. If you ask me, this sounds to generic and broad to be taken seriously as a plan to better the situation of women in Central America. They could’ve taken a look at my entry of Guatemalan Women & Killer’s Paradise for two concrete campaigns for their agenda: The elimination of violence against women and solid plans to end the femicides and to bring the killers to justice. But then again, this would not be a suitable agenda to discuss for some fine first ladies while drinking the best coffee of world while staying at the only five stars hotel in La Antigua Guatemala, right?

What do you think about of this sort of summit?

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  • Rudy, no sé si he entendido bien, dices que no discutirán sobre cómo abordar la eliminación de la violencia doméstica de una vez por todas? es unt ema tan horrible… aquí en España está a la orden del día… y eso que se supone que el gobierno ha hecho mucho por solucionar este grave problema, pero aun así, supongo que es más un problema psicológico del que maltrata que otra cosa, no? En fin, espero que busquen soluciones mientras toman el mejor café del mundo en el único hotel de 5 estrellas.. un saludo!

  • what can they accomilish? this probably is just a holiday for women. i found this artical on the net in the dallas texas new paper if you have time you should read it. it talks about people in U S adopiting guatemala babies. I will go find the link and post it for you.

    this is the link about the babies if this doesn’t work you can go to my web page and click the title about the adoptions.

  • Off topic, but just checking in to see if you are OK as I’ve just heard about the earthquake there.

  • hope you are yours are ok. saw earthquake news. GOD BLESS you.

  • Thanks everyone for your concerns. Let me tell you the land shook, the old houses roared for what seemed forever. Less than two minutes after the land finally stopped moving I checked Automatic Geofon Global Seismic Monitor which registered the earthquake’s epicenter just offshore, on the Pacific Ocean, with a magnitude for 5.9 (it was later updated to 6.6). In the news, they talked about numbers as high as 7.6; but one thing everyone got right it was extremely long: over 50 seconds and down here it felt even longer. According to the backlog, there have been three earthquakes in Guatemala in the last week.

    Houston, we have trouble in paradise!

    I went to pick my wife at home for lunch and in my way there and back I did not see any damages. So I believe there are no casualties around the area. I haven’t got the chance to see the news for reports around the country.

    I will post updates later today with my entry for the day. Sorry I don’t have pictures of the actual earthquake; you will have to forgive me; I was too busy trying to get to a safe spot. Besides, who wants to see blurry pictures. 😉

  • sompopo

    Rudy, good to hear everyone is ok. 🙂

  • I happen to agree with patsy and Rudy that very little will likely be accomplished from this summit. The most substantial and meaningful efforts generally happen at the grassroots level.

    Question for those following the Presidential election in Guatemala: Who do you want to become President of Guatemala and why?