Walter Williams Road in La Antigua Guatemala

Walter Williams Road in La Antigua Guatemala

The strip of road that goes from El Calvario church to San Marí­a de Jesús has an interesting name: Walter William Road. I know English and Europeans names are very popular and used extensively throughtout Guatemala as first names, but the William part as last name is not as easy to get, you have to have a father with the William last name.

So, how did Walter Williams, the founder of the Missouri School of Journalism, managed to get a piece of road of La Antigua Guatemala named after him? Come back tomorrow for the answer. Also make sure you read up on Walter Williams.

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  • I like your photograph. The trees are nice with their painted bottoms. Your narrative about names was interesting too.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Today you will get to see the baby raccoons…
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  • you know me i am off to see if i can find our about williams.

  • I like the distance in this photo — and the guy speeding on the motorbike! 🙂