Café Y tu Piña También plus WIFI

Café Y tu piña también

Wi-Fi access is becoming so wide spread around Antigua Guatemala that soon you may be able to stand in any corner and get two or three free access points. Y tu piña también is yet another unique coffee house which serves rich aromatic Antigua coffee, Guatemalan licuados (fresh fruit smoothies) with piquete from a wide selection of mezcal shots, fresh fruits and vegetable salads, cookies, exotic pastries and Wi-Fi access so you can check the daily photos from around the world; all while listening to the best selection of world music.

Boy oh boy, bagels, English muffins, exotic pastries, all the cookies in the rainbow, the best coffee and Wi-Fi internet access can almost make you forget you are in a Spanish colonial town embedded between coffee plantations, flower farms and volcanoes in the central mountain range of this tiny banana baby-exporting republic known as Guatemala.

© 2007 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • I would love to go to this Cafe one day. It does look like a great setting for a movie or book.

  • rudy this has nothing to do with what you were talking about but in your photo it looks like there are 2 cans hanging from the ceiling. if so why?
    I down loaded the photo and on picasa croped it so I could see the cans and they still looked like they were hanging from the the ceiling.
    the only thing i could think of was fly bait.

  • An atmospheric shot, I feel like just walking in…

  • Coltrane_lives

    Rudy, again nice narrative and photo…my exception to this would be the comment about “baby-exporting.” Yes, I’m fully aware of the illegal practices going on in Guatemala re: adoption…and elsewhere as well…but there is much to this subject that tends to typically dwell on the negatives and not look at the positives of the love and nurturing of the children that adopting families provide. What is Guatemala’s solution to the poverty and children going without? I doubt that the Guatemalan aristocracy putting forth such stringent adoption legislation is going to adopt many of the children who happen to be indigenous and poor. If done legally, I can’t believe you would be opposed to adoptive families who want to love a child. BTW, families that I know Stateside (from El Norte which tends to be synonomous with BAD people who want to take your nation’s children???)who have adopted from Guatemala have all had to endure long waiting periods as DNA checks and social worker visits etc with birthmothers were completed. It was all done LEGALLY and these children are thriving. I know this isn’t and adoption forum but there is a lot more to adoption in Guatemala by agencies who go about it the legal way that often goes unnoticed.~From an adoptive father of a beautiful Guatemalan child.

  • Doc

    Just curious… why not adopt children from the U.S.? We have orphans, too.

  • Coltrane_lives

    re: Doc says: Excellent question. That’s where we started…local chapters of Lutheran Social Services, Catholic Social Services, put on adoption lawyer list of adopting families (we’ll call you), family members/friends who knew people who wanted to adopt but then didn’t and then…nothing materialized. It’s an emotional roller-coaster with hopes dashed overnight. We waited several months for one young mother to decide she finally wanted to keep her child (and although saddened, we were happy for her deciding to keep her child). So rather than turn gray before getting a referral we found an agency in another city that suggested a reputable orphanage in Guatemala. We had also looked into China, Korea, and Vietnam, but Guatemala seemed like the right place for us. BTW, have you adopted a child? If so, I’d love to hear your story. Email me.

  • Doc: my email’s on my background blog. Adios.

  • Julio

    I think the author of this section does not appreciate Guatemala as a small and developing country in the world in which social and economical contrasts are impressive, I think everyone’s opinion must be respected but this is not the right place to deal with these issues especially if thousands of people in the cyberspace may be influenced about his particular opinions.



  • Randy, yes, you could use this cafe as a setting for a film.

    Patsy, the cans are used as lamps. The idea is to give you a very rustic Caribbean atmosphere.

    Pedp, well, just step in. You are welcome!

    Coltrane_lives, why can’t I call Guatemala a baby-exporting republic? The three top countries that give children in adoptions are China, Guatemala and Russia. Guatemala has the infamous second position. Let’s see that in numbers for a better perspective. In 2006, there were 6,493 children adopted into the U.S. from China, which has an estimated population of 273 million aged between 0-14 years. There were 4,135 children adopted into the U.S. from Guatemala with a population of 5 million aged 0-14 years. Russia had 3,706 children adopted into the U.S. with a population of 20 million aged 0-14. (source: The Baby Flight conference by Dr. Karen S. Rotabi). I am only stating a fact. I am not in anyway passing judgment on the adopting parents and the resulting families.

    Doc, this is a good question and I am sure we will hear very good reasons.

    Julio, what do you mean by I don’t appreciate Guatemala? Please, before you make such a statement, you should read, at least, some of my 425 previous entries. Please, come back and develop you comment further since it is bit ambiguous.

  • Rudy, I appreciate your blog and don’t want to turn it into a adoption forum. Your crossing out “bananas” and inserting “baby-exporting” was apparently taken the wrong way by moi. Thanks for your explanation. As for the food at the market, oy! Any bananas?

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  • Anton

    The coffee is not that good, in fact they don´t know how to prepare a good coffee. That is just “advertising”. Sometimes there just too many flies too! This article sounds more like “self promotion”, just to sell a romantic idea of this place and Café No Sé. All this is just a tramp for people who want to believe that they found “that little place”, that fabulous corner”. It is just an image, there is nothing good deep inside, just an oportunist american doing good business for himself, and I don´t make a critic of that, the guy is a business man, perfect! But all the fool people around that want to believe that this cheap group of places have some mistic….please people!!!!!, WAKE UP! It is just an image, a show, and maybe, a very cheap one.

  • Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed today 🙂 I cannot see how this can be self-promotion when LAGDP is not related “commercially” to any of these “local traps” (as opposed to “tourist traps” I dunno?).
    Anywho… for some reason it reminded me of a comment I receive on a travel post about finding Guatemalan coffee in Europe. Mainly how in some places in Guatemala the best you can find is instant coffee.

  • Anton

    No, I didn´t wake up on the wrong side, it is only my opinion, I think that should be enough, at least I am honest enough with my self about what this places represent to me.

    When I mentioned “self promotion” I refer to the fact that if I own a place, of course any friend can write a little article about each of my places and my mezcal, etc. Because if I do it my self it will be even more notorious. If you are a little bit intelligent, of course you don´t do it yourself.

    Respect for other people opinion should be a value, don´t you think?

    Yes, in some places here, you find instant coffee, I agree. But just because in a place there is a real coffee machine, it does not means that they know how to use it, and sorry pal, but they don´t know how to prepare a good one. They might be very good friends of you, but that is not good enough to make you “objective”.

  • Dude chill… I wasn’t saying that this place’s coffee was “good” because there is other places that serve instant. I respect your opinion and I actually thank you for that opinion because I DON’T EVEN KNOW THE PLACE. So, you are right, I cannot be “objective” because I have no opinion whatsoever. I was not defending it but just reacted to your very angry comment. It just caught my attention. I don’t have any affiliation with this website either, besides being blog-buddies with the author.

    Now, I would appreciate if you post the name and address of your place(places?) if it is in La Antigua or anywhere in Guatemala. I am planning a trip to visit family (I don’t even live in Guatemala anymore)and it would be good to have options of places to go and meet old friends. Particularly because now I will think twice before going to this specific place. Thank you for your opinion.

  • Marya

    Hiiiii!!! I really love Y tu piña tambien…. mmm the smoothies…. =) iill be there soon!
    Is still working Eduardo or estuardo… :S the curly one!! =b