La Antigua’s Old-style Mercado Stand

La Antigua's Old-style Mercado Stand

Diversify is very sound advice for any business. Patsy, who loves chicken, would say, don’t put all the eggs in one basket. So, it is no surprise to find stands, like the one pictured above, in La Antigua Guatemala’s market which sells all kinds of items. This photograph gives me an idea for a new easy game (we haven’t got a game for a while) for this weekend.

The game is very simple: identify as many items as possible from the market stand above and leave your inventory in the comments. You can also leave your questions for the things that are unknown to you. Let the game begin!

© 2007 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Mangos
    Corn leaves
    Black Beans
    Hot Peppers
    Johnny Walker Black Lable & Bottle of beer or liquor
    Clay Pots and Figures
    Black Bags with something in them
    Wooden Spoons
    Wind Chimes
    Metal Strainer?
    Other Things/Stuff

  • oh oh!! Es sí que es un puesto variado!! Me encanta la mezcla! Un saludo, Rudy

  • i am not good at contest but i do like the photo. and i do see eggs.

  • I love this photo — my favs are the 2 kinds of mangos — or three? I wonder what the little black things are in the basket — a type of berry?

  • Lucrecia Cordon

    I always enjoy your pictures and descriptions,love your site! About this picture what’s in the black plastic bags????

  • Becky

    I believe the liquor bottles contain honey!!!


  • Sompopo, Johnny Walker bottles have honey. The black bags are natural charcoal.

    Dsole, es un gusto saber que estás de regreso.

    Patsy, it is not a contest; it is a game.

    Lessie, the little black things are black beans, as Sompopo pointed out.

    Lucrecia, thanks for commenting and making yourself visible. The black bags have natural charcoal for barbecuing or comal stoves.

    Becky, you are right, there is honey in the bottles.

  • Lucrecia Cordon

    I kind of thought so,then is it ocote bunches in the blue basket??It brings a lot of memories seeing all the pics. My grandma is from La Antigua and therefore I spent a lot of time around some of the places you’ve capture on film.

  • Claudia

    Rudy, I see in the upper corner pesas o balansas – me and my sister used to fight because those were our favorite toys to play with . . . I can’t believe they still make them; my parents will be visitting Guate next week – my mom has not gone in 19 years . . I should ask her to bring a toy ‘pesa’ back for my daughter so I can show her what kind of ‘toys’ I played with – of course que no pueden hacer falta los trastecitos de barro . .

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  • Thomas Wheeler

    This display fruit and other things remind of my travels . May of these things are great for breakfast Sincerely Tom