Guatemalan Fair: The Ferris Wheel

Children's Ferris Wheel and San Pedro Las Huertas Church

Ferris wheels are another element of the Guatemalan fair. There is at least one Ferris wheel, but more often two or three of different sizes. The Ferris wheel is known here by these names rueda de Chicago(Chicago Wheel), rueda de la fortuna (wheel of fortune) and vuelta al mundo (around the world). Fairs are made up by all kinds of ambulant stands. Fairs are like accordions, they grow or shrink depending of the size of the community or town. All these photos belong to the San Pedro Las Huertas, a small village just outside and belonging to La Antigua Guatemala. At the end of July, La Antigua Guatemala will have its massive fair in honor of Saint James or Santiago.

The whole atmosphere is festive with many different games, food stands, marimba music and the omnipresent loud firecracker bombs. Below, you can view a tiny video clip of the burning the firecracker bombs. For a walk-thru video clip of the fair, check my entry Is it fair? Really it’s a fair.

© 2007 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • the children are having a good time. today is 4th of july and fireworks will be goimg off all day.

  • Very nice photograph. Looks like fun.

    Abraham Lincoln
    the robins
    the Japanese Beetles

  • Coltrane_lives

    I love the smiles on the children’s faces. We’ll be hearing a few of those firecrackers today, too!…and tomorrow…and…:-) Cheers!

  • Ann

    Oooh a fair! What fun! 🙂

  • JW


  • Claudia

    Rudy, I can smell the polvora all the way here . . . by the way, what is your favorite thing to eat the fair? My grandma always bought us gusanitos (I don’t know if that’s the correct name) they’re those orange-y caterpillar round shaped cookies. . . I think because they were the cheapest thing to get at the fair . . . I remember the smells as you walk through the crowd.

  • Patsy, I guess this firecracker bombs could be considered fireworks, but this only provide a loud sound, nothing more.

    Abe, the girls were having fun, for sure.

    ColtraneLives, have a happy 4th of July.

    Ann, remember when was the last time you were in a fair.

    JW, yesssss!

    Claudia, come back tomorrow for a look at a typical fair booth, maybe your gusanitos are there.

  • Vero

    Oh, the ferris wheel! Last time I was on one in Guatemala I was seventeen. On days when you post pictures that remind me of my childhood or adolescense I wish I could get off work and hop on a plane to Guate.

    The little girl looks like she’s having an amazing time.

  • This is a touching photo. The young girl’s expression makes it. Love the setting of the church behind.

  • Vero, what’s holding you? You can come to Guate any time you wish; it is up to you.

    Lesssie, a little zoom can do wonders. Now imagine if I had a better camera and a better lens… boy I could have blurred the church and had the focus just on the girls.

  • I’m so sorry to not have all time I need to surf into your wonderful photos daily. This one it’s really lovely. Those kids are cute as their smiles are !

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