Guatemalan Fair: The Typical Booth

Typical Guatemalan Fair Stand

We continue the photographic tour of a Guatemalan town fair with a typical booth. Since the inflated toys and balloons are very obvious, we will play the game of naming everything else that you see on the table. I will get you started with the bags of peanuts on the left. Now it is your turn, name as many things as you can recognize. Let the game begin!

© 2007 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Coltrane_lives

    I bet there’s candy in there somewhere. I’m still trying to guess what’s next to the peanuts. Orange doughnuts? 😉 Okay, okay…so I’m lousy at guessing. I’ll read what the experts have to say. I’m sure the kids loved the goods. Cheers.

  • JW

    Para una gringa, like myself, I hardly could recognize anything except the lollipops in the back corner. But I could guess that there are a lot of other sugary candies on display as well. Sugar and balloons the universal opiate for all children.

  • The nuts look good to me… How colourful.

  • Looks very festive. Great shot.

  • Everything is brilliantly colored. I like the things you are showing. Your photos are nice to see.

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  • Chris

    I really enjoy the colors.

  • ColtraneLives, yes, there is lots of candy there.

    JW, many sweets in there, many.

    Pedp, you could do texture photos if you get closer… you should try it.

    Abe, thanks. Not as good as yours, but the subject matter is different and the photo snapper is not as good either.

    Chris, for sure there is an abundance of color and sugar.

  • Barb, it is a party, a town’s party for sure.

  • Ann

    I see churros, lollipops, peanuts and lots and lots of teeth rottening candy! 😀