Guatemalan Fair: Fresh Fruit Stall

Fresh Fruits Stand at the San Pedro Las Huertas Fair

After all the pounds we have gained this week at the San Pedro Las Huertas Fair, it is nice to come across some healthy food. For Q5 ($0.65) we can take any fresh fruit bags and we will need the savings since we already lost quite a few Quetzales at the others fair stands. Now, even though I have shown all these Guatemalan fair food and even describe it as tasteful and delicious, I don’t want to pass it as healthy. Fair food is junk food. I am so glad these fair food vendors have not come across the Super Size Me concept!

A question for you guys. I still have 5 for more photos related to the Guatemalan town fair, but maybe you already had enough of the Guatemalan fair series. Would you like me to continue or to turn onto something else tomorrow… maybe some nice touristic shots of La Antigua Guatemala? It is to you.

© 2007 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • can all the fruits shown here be grown in guatemala?

  • That’s more like it! A fruit stall… Beautiful shot of it. Like the prices too.
    I’d certainly like to see more of the fair.

    Planet Earth Daily Photo.

  • More, more and more !!!!

    State that I love to see those fruit bags. Here they don’t use bags and for sure it’s less hygienic

  • sompopo

    I would still like to see some shots of old cemetery’s in and around La Antigua Guatemala. 🙂

  • Jerry T

    Fair shots are good, keep them coming. I hope you are around a long time and can get around to posting lots of shots of touristic and other shots. I agree with Sompopo, some cemetery shots would be interesting.

  • Vero

    The fair must go on!

  • Kristy

    The fair is a beautiful celebration. Please continue posting a few more shots. I love opening my email each morning and going directly to your photo! Keep up the excellent work!

    Thank you for bringing my memories back to life each morning.

  • Dina

    I love not knowing what is going to be there each day. The fair photos are terrific and since fairs are only now and then, I say keep’em coming. Great work-Thanks for sharing your talent and giving me an instant transport to that beautiful place of La Antigua each day.Our son is living there and it provides me with comfort in feeling somehow a little closer.

  • Claudia

    I have to agree with the crowd Rudy – . . . when I take my mental break I go get coffee & open your page and look at the beautiful photographs. Can we see some shots of the games, perhaps?

  • I’ll just echo: more fair and junk food pics please. It’s funny, but I will eat this type of junk food, but I never go near those restaurants with the arches. Cemetery would be good too one day. I have a photo of a hearse with “lovely” flowers on and I need an excuse / tie in to post it! 🙂

  • Your photos are right on, Rudy! Fair…LAG city…countryside…volcanoes…they’re all interesting to me. Your narratives also spice it up.

  • I’d love to get me a slice of that sandia(watermelon). I don’t think I’ve ever seen it packaged like that and sold here, else I’d probably buy that.

  • Patsy, yes all these fruits are grown here in Guatemala, many not too far from LAG.

    Pedp, I am glad to fruits provided a much-needed break from all the junk food.

    Fabrizio, plastics bags are used here very often for many things, including tortillas.

    Sompopo, okay I hear you… I thought you would forget, but I guess I will have to go in the cemetery. May the force be with me. 😉

    Jerry, it all depends on your feedback, comments and donations. But I will try to keep this site up for as long as I can.

    Vero, good.

    Kristy, a few more days and we wave farewell to the fair series.

    Dina, I am glad this site serves you. Please consider a tiny donation if you can.

    Claudia, I will do so.

    Pamela, boy I guess I will have to into the cemetery.

    ColtraneLives, thanks for you all your wonderful feedback. Please, consider a tiny donation if you can.

    Shorty, almost all fresh fruit stalls serve the fruit in plastic bags for easy handling.