Guatemalan Flag at Municipalidad de La Antigua Guatemala

Guatemalan Flag at Municipalidad de La Antigua Guatemala

The Missing Flag Game:

There is a missing flag on the other staff; all you have to do is name the missing flag and describe the colors of it and why. Both answers are in the archives of La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo. The first complete answer gets five post cards made from photographs from this site sent via Guatemalan regular post mail. Guatemalans living in Guatemala, especially antigüeños are excluded from participating. Let the game begin.

Good luck to all participants!

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  • Mel

    The flag of La Antigua Guatemala. It is green. Because as you mentioned, “the people of Antigua are known as Panzas Verdes —green bellies—”. Why green bellies? It is a nickname from the amounts of avocados they ate in the past. There you go – those are the answers I found in your archives. What fun history on Antigua. Thanks for making me look it up!

  • Mel, please send me your mailing address through the Contact the author form and which photos you would like to receive as post cards or leave it open and I will send you from my stack.

  • Congratulations Mel! I think I’ll go have an avacado now!

  • love the flag the color is wonderfull. very relaxed..