Life Can Be Good in La Antigua Guatemala

Enjoying the afternoon sun with cookies and Revue

Not everything is rotten in the paradisiac lands of Guatemala. Sometimes you can take a pause from your hectic life or trip to enjoy the afternoon sunshine while having some of the best “home-made” cookies and coffee in Guatemala as you read a book or the Revue Magazine in our little green corner; our tiny and cozy corner of the world.

If you want to see what this corner looks like from outside, check the entry Antigua’s Color Palette: Green, published in June 22nd, 2006.

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  • Ann

    What a cozy little spot this is rudy. I wish I could sit there and relish some home made cookies right now!

  • Very peaceful and tranquil. Love the plants in the sun.

  • Claudia

    or to meet w/ a long love and catch up. . .

  • This is a special shot- the depth of an oil painting. Stories and lighting unfolding together.

    Planet Earth Daily Photo.

  • i would like this room. house flowers are important to me.

  • How absolutely beautiful. Stunning with the light coming thru and the lovely plants. Super shot.

  • Great natural photo. Your commentary about the phone companies — interesting!