Typical Textured-wall in La Antigua Guatemala

Textured Yellow Wall

Often as you stroll around La Antigua Guatemala, you come across walls with lots of texture made from the many layers of natural lime-stone-based paints. Below is a quote from an previous entry about Natural paint textures.

Because the high levels of humidity around Antigua, people have to paint their walls often. Not every time the walls get painted they use the same color and after so many years when the paint peels, you get the gorgeous texture where the different colors peek through. The Antigua Protection Agency recommends that people use lime-stone-based paints because they allow the walls to breath. The lime-stone-based paints have shine, similar to pearls, so that is how you get some incredible colors as light changes through the day.

Some people may find this kind of photographs boring and uninspiring; others get their kicks from the yellow texture on the wall. To which kind of people do you belong?

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  • javier

    I really enjoy the walls you show, my wife loves those colors and we both enjoy the idea of making our house to someday look like one of the antigua houses.

  • Rudy, let me put it this way. My wife would be happy if I could transform our home into some of the beautiful homes you’ve depicted here! I love the rich colours of La Antigua, especially the golden yellows and reds. I had not known about the lime-stone based paints. Great information as always. Gracias!

  • Michelle

    Whenever I am in Antigua,I can not stop looking at walls, doors, and windows. The old paint on the walls is living art, becoming more beautiful with time. Thank you for your beautiful, interesting and education photos every day.

  • suzy

    You have a wonderful “eye”. If it were the wall alone, it would be beautiful, but your addition of the flowers and greenery make this photo absolutely enchanting!

  • Ciara

    This photo got more interesting for me after a second and third look. I started to see more colors emerge, especially near the bottom of the wall. These colors are nicely balanced with the orange flowers at the top of the photo. This photo seems simple at first but is actually quite complex! Thanks for all of your hard work Rudy!

  • Becky

    These walls and the wonderful colors are an integral part of la Antigua de Guatemala. I also love the windows that grace these walls!!


  • anon58

    Your photo is beautiful… I can’t travel anymore, accept thru the internet, but I did spend lots of time in Santa Fe, New Mexico years ago. This is even more beautiful — color-wise — and I agree that the addition of small amount of flowers adds so much to the photo. Beautiful! Thank you.