Tortas Locas Hipocampo in La Antigua Guatemala

Tortas Locas Hipocampo in La Antigua Guatemala

Every day that passes by makes La Antigua Guatemala a more cosmopolitan place to live. Mexican tortas is one of the latest additions to the antigüeño menu and what better transnational than Tortas Locas Hipocampo.

I had the tortas from Hipocampo in Mexico and they are made to the highest standards and the quality of their ingredients is superb. So, it was a surprise to learn they had opened a franchise here in La Antigua Guatemala. I had to go and try them out. The verdict is that the Tortas Locas Hipocampo serves pretty good tortas, not as good as the Mexicans since the bread is not exactly torta bread and they serve their tortas with french fries; this must be a Guatemalan twist. But overall the quality of the tortas is pretty good. It is on the expensive side for lunch though.

The meal you see pictured above can set you back Q55 (55 quetzales equals US$7.20). Let me put the number in perspective because otherwise it may seemed cheap. The Guatemalan daily minimum wage is around Q40. Most Guatemalan typical food daily menus can cost somewhere between Q15 to Q25. But if you want to have the closest thing to Mexican tortas without actually going to Mexico, this place should fit the bill. The dining area is quite pleasing too. Check it out.

Tortas Locas Hipocampo Dining Area

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  • sompopo

    That sure beats the heck out of those chili cheese fries I had last night. 🙂

  • Vero

    I love tortas! Do they put jalapenos in the tortas at “Tortas Locas Hipocampo?” The ones I had while living in Mexico were soooo good. My friends and I always got one from this older man who would come around really late at night after the bars had closed. You’re pictures always bring back good memories–THANK YOU!

  • Geoffrey

    wow. that looks real good. im adding that spot to my list of places to visit on my next trip. sure beats the tuna sandwich i had for lunch.

  • Now that’s what I call a meal! Chomppp!!!

  • javier

    Torta=Heart Attack, I will have two (eat in please)

  • stephanie


  • Pirata Cojo

    Te invito a visitar Tortería “Las Tortugas”, cuando vengás a la capìrucha, 9a avenida y 11 calle esquina Z.1, enfrente del parqueo “del hoyo”, son buenísimas.

  • oh my thats the perfect snack i dont care how many calories or cholesterol in there. i love that i hope i can see something like that tomorrow in the mall.

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