Chicken Bus Stop in La Antigua Guatemala

Waiting for the Chicken Bus

No. I am not stalking this poor fellow. He just so happened to move in the same direction as my viewfinder.

Chicken bus is the derogatory term used for Guatemala’s rural public transportation system. The chicken bus is the second life for the old school bus in the third world. The chicken bus ride can make for a great post card or provide enough material for your exotic travel chronicle. But, chicken buses do not make for a safe and quality transit system and as a such they do not have designated and built-for bus stops. The omnibus stops can be anywhere, including in the middle of the main entrance or exit to La Antigua Guatemala.

So a window sill is as good a bus stop as any. What is the most interesting bus stop you have seen?

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  • Ehm… Sorry about this OT question. The man that is waiting the bus is the same of your yesterday’s photo?

  • Jerry T

    Most interesting bus stops for me were in the middle of the road on the highway to Chichi…where the drivers would just stop and pickup passengers in the middle of the road while at the same time trying to intinmidate other drivers to prevent them for getting the passengers. SCARY, but very interesting to watch from a distance and another vehicle. I would not want to be a passenger.

  • Jen
  • Uhm, a window bus stop… I don’t any funny bus stop… just boring ones!

  • Christopher

    How to find a bus stop in Guatemala:

    Look for a sign that says “NO HAY PARADA” which means “This is not a bus stop.” They wouldn’t bother with putting up such a sign if the buses weren’t stopping there.

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