Saint in Niche with Yellow Walls

Saint in Niche with Yellow Walls

This niche and the surrounding walls was basically the only color I found at the San Lázaro Cemetery. This piece was between two sets of above-ground crypts; the set on the right was empty and the set on the left was not vacant.

Perhaps it is not too late to introduce some of the wonderful Antigüeño color palette into the La Antigua Guatemala’s main public cemetery.

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  • The bright color in the portal that first caught my attention. Nice photograph!

  • very cool shot. Nice colour and shadows

  • Rudy, the wife and I were inspired by this series of post to share with you some pictures of the oldest cemetery in Atlanta Georgia. You will be surprized at some of the mausoleum’s in the photos.

    The name of the cemetery is Oakland Cemetery and originally started in 1850 with six acres. There are 70,000 souls buried there as well as Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone With The Wind.
    Joseph Jacobs, The pharmacist who introduced Coca Cola as a beverage in 1896.
    Maynard Jackson, first african-american mayor of Atlanta.
    There are also around 10,000 confederate soldiers with 3,000 unknown.

    Photos- (Taken Today)


  • After all the “white” of the cemeteries, it’s nice to see some color again! Beautiful! BTW…any celebs buried in these cemeteries? You know, Grateful Dead members or Jim Morrison’s second cousin once removed etc? 🙂