Broken Bell and Tomb Sign in the San Lázaro Cemetery

Broken Bell and Tomb Sign

There is a broken bell in the San Lázaro Church, which is located inside the premises of the San Lázaro Cemetery. The broken bell serves as testament of the many earthquakes this land has experienced and its resilient will to continue to toll for the dead.

Does anyone care to translate the sign below the broken bell?

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  • Its a poem or saying for which my translation is not the best.

    The single tomb keeps a skeleton but the life in mortuary his boveda privily continues feeding itself that to the aim of this transitory existence to which as much our eagerness adheres the inmortal matter as the glory never changes of form but it dies.

    Thats heavy stuff.

  • Ok, I think I understand it to say that the tomb may hold the physical skeleton or body which has died but the soul of that person lives on and never dies.

  • Sompopo – That’s the internet translation….kind of gets the point across, but hopefully this will make more sense for the many English speakers who visit this site. I’m a medical translator, so I don’t usually get to be poetic, but I think this is more easily read in English this way. 🙂
    The tomb only holds a skeleton but life, in its deathly vault, continues feeding itself in secret so that, at the end of this transitory existence to which our desire adheres so strongly to, the immortal material can, like glory, change its form but never die.

  • Well put. Much more eloquent than my version.

    My wife is from Gutamala and was trying to translate it for me over the phone so there ya go.:-)

  • Patty Watson

    That’s it.

  • Christina…well said.