The Solorzano Najera Mausoleum

The Solorzano Najera Mausoleum

It must be nice to know your resting place it’s taken care of by a family mausoleum. In the picture above you get a close-up view of the Solorzano Najera family mausoleum. Who are they? Who knows; a random pick by the viewfinder on the way out of the cemetery.

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  • Once again great series. Thanks bunches.

  • i guess the families draw comfort from these places but i think all expencies on the dead are a complete waste of resourses.
    we look at cultures long ago , how they buried food and other valuables for their dead and we realize that this was foolish.
    but in our soicity we spend 6000 dollars to put someone in the ground in a silk lined box and then spend another 1000 putting a stone on the grave with names and dates. All is foolishness. I am going to be burned . Someone ask me what I would like done with my ashes? I said throw them in the chicken pen. At least they will get some good from them.
    Heard this story once and i think it tells it all. a man died and his friend had his ashes after he was burned. he rented a plane and flew over this river where they had enjoyed many happy hours.
    He was crying so hard and when he opened the window and went to dump the ashes out a hugh wind blew the ashes back in his face.
    He returned the airplaine and went home to his apartment still crying with the ashes clinging to his person.
    He took a shower to rid him self of the grey sticky ash and his friend ended up in the New York sewer.

  • Pirata Cojo

    La influencia barroca en Antigua es característica de toda su arquitectura, incluyendo la mortuoria.