Guatemalan Cuisine: Typical Guatemalan Breakfast

Guatemalan Cuisine: Typical Guatemalan Breakfast

Many of the ingredients present in the Guatemalan Kitchen Colors are necessary for the red and green sauces you see here. In the picture above, we can see another version of the typical Guatemalan breakfast, this one from Fernando’s Kaffee. On August 1st, I showed you the fast-food version of the typical Guatemalan breakfast by Pollo Campero. Before, on November 6th, I described what’s included in the typical Guatemalan breakfast and how the sauces are made. Furthermore, on the entry Guatemalan Cuisine: Chapin Breakfast, I shared the etymological background for Guatemala’s most often used sauce: The Chirmol. By reading all those previous entries and the linked entries from them, you can get a better idea on how the Guatemalan breakfast came to be. Good luck on your reading.

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  • Bek

    I have spent a few weeks in Antigua 8 years ago. I still remember how good the food tasted there, especially the breakfast. I just loved the different kinds of fruit, black beans and everything else which goes with it. Do you have some recipes on how to make some of the stuff?

  • Manolo

    I had a “Chapin” breakfast today at a popular chain of bakeries in “la capital” and it was a pleasant surprise to be given some sweet bread to dip in my coffee… oh the things one misses about our beautiful country…

  • Abraham Lincoln

    Wow. That looks great. Nice photography.

  • Pamela

    Goodness that looks gorgeous and healthy too.

  • Lindsey

    i love the variety of guatemalan breakfasts. I tried to make it when i got home, but it doesn’t taste the same as when you are in guatemala. i can’t wait to go back!

  • travelphilippines

    oh my thats a stunning breakfast.

  • Guy

    I’m going to be in La Antigua for the month of September and this is what I am most looking forward to! The only thing missing are the francesitos. In reality they are often missing from our breakfasts because I don’t make it to the shop on time before the vecindad have cleaned them out.

  • Fabrizio – ikol22

    I really enjoy to see this photo. I love natural fruits at breakfast

  • Meg in Nelson

    Gee, I’m really ready for a big Sunday breakfast now!

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  • Alicia

    I grew up in Guatemala… and I love eating this breakfast! This one is called “huevos divorciados” because it’s got two different tomato sauces.

  • Eva

    O God i miss my country so much!!!!
    I miss my food….i cant wait to go back y comer unos “heuvitos rancheros”