Wanted: New Mayor for La Antigua Guatemala

New Mayor for La Antigua Guatemala

Calzada Santa Lucí­a gets overcrowded with all the stands of the 11 candidates for the La Antigua Guatemala City Hall or Muni as we call it here. They all have their booths, their chants and songs, their promises, their colors, their flyers, their visual and hearing pollution, their trash, et-cetera.

They all tell us that they will change La Antigua Guatemala and/or Guatemala. I hate how all of them over use the word change and they leave it empty-ended. Does change really equals better? I don’t know where they get they dictionaries and thesaurus. Was the change from the Clinton to the Bush administration a change for the better? Is the world better now or even the U.S?; Just put an example that may be more obvious to all of us.

Nevertheless, a change is necessary in La Antigua Guatemala’s Muni. I just hope the change will bring a better administrator and politician to the mayor’s office. La Antigua Guatemala in an urgent need of better administration (ES).

For those who are unaware that Guatemala will voting for new residents in the presidency and vice-presidency, city mayors offices and congress seats on September 9th, all I have to say is: Come on people read more Blogschapines or if you like dinosaur-blogs read La Hora, Siglo XXI, elPeriódico or Prensa Libre. 😉

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  • joe

    The Guatemalan government needs a tremendous revamping (IMHO)…thank God the Bergers will soon be gone. What a joke they’ve been! As for La Antigua, I don’t know as much about the local powers that be and will look to Rudy to aid in this respect.

  • sompopo

    “Was the change from the Clinton to the Bush administration a change for the better?”

    Neither administration was worth a damn and with the current stable of candidates we have for 08 the future isn’t looking to bright either.

  • Claudia

    UGH – #1 on the list should be not to pollute w/ all the propaganda. . it is hard on the eyes. . . se ve muy feo.

  • Ann

    Our politicians are also campaigning in Jamaica and it can be quite an interesting time to be in the island. Each political party does it’s own chants and songs too. Both political parties are promising change too. I doubt they know what “change” really means and what will be needed to bring about a positive change in Jamaica’s future. I suppose politics is the same everywhere in the world.

  • Denise

    I enjoy your blog, thank you for your time and energy. Could you tell me who (the name of the new mayor) is for Guatemala?