Fish Tank Window

Fish Tank Window

Imagine that instead of having a regular glass window, you could have a fish tank window to see your back yard. That is exactly what they sell here. I like how it almost feels like that fish are swimming in the air around the búcaro (new word for you).

It is nice to have a mellow picture to initiate the week; don’t you think so?

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  • ale

    When I read the subject of today’s picture I imagined something very tacky. I was surprised to see the picture. It is an unconventional idea, for sure, but with the green background it looks actually quite pretty. It looks like the fish are actually swimming in the air, like you said.

    Great pic (and great subject for a Monday)

  • Emily

    Yes, I agree. . . I really like this pic- it’s refreshing and relaxing– great way to start a week.

  • Ann

    Hmm…what a simple yet great idea. The fish do look like they are floating in air.

    It must be so relaxing to gaze through that window.

  • juanfran

    Amazing, nice pic Rudy.

  • silvana

    ya is good the pic

  • Becky

    I’ve never seen such a thing, even in the great aquariums here in New England. I would love to have a window like that overlooking my garden Of course, in the winter, it would look like the fish were all belly surfing in the snow!!!


  • I swear, we had the exact same statue of Mary in our kindy in Tokyo. And why is she always in a grotto setting, anyway?

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  • That is really cool… I just wonder how much algae would be a problem with the constant sunlight… and also, it would have to have very thick glass to not freeze during the winter months. But it definitely looks really cool!

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