Old and Rusted Metal Wheels

Old Metal Wheels

In La Antigua Guatemala you’ll never know what can you find in a driveway or doorway as you walk by. Here I found these two old metal wheels which probably belonged to an old horse-carriage… really who knows, but here they are. Can you guys suggest what these wheels were used for in the past?

Climate Side Note: Hurricane Felix touched Central America land yesterday a 5:55 in the coastline of Nicaragua and it is expected to cross Nicaragua and Honduras before it reaches Guatemala as a tropical storm. My best wishes for the people of Nicaragua and Honduras and a prompt recovery from the damages cause by Hurricane Felix.

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  • sompopo, you may think me odd, you may think me crazy but in the last two elections in our country if the voters in a area was soppose to go against the bush bunch all sort of things happen to slow down the vote. if you work all day and then go to vote and have to stand for hours to vote more than likly some will go home.
    god knows that i can’t prove this but there were rumors of voteing machines being fixed. the only good thing i can tell you about bush is he can’t run again.
    as for the wheels, rudy since there are only 2 i guess it was a carriage unless there were 4 and 2 got lost.

  • I do know these type of wheels were used on very old tractors many years ago. Talk about rattling ones bones. 🙂

  • Ann

    I love those wheels! My guess would be carriage wheels as well.

  • The mystery continues…

  • We see that kind of thing in the states as well. A house will have some old wagon wheels integrated with the landscaping. I’ve even seen them turned into benches and that sort of thing.

    I’m thinking carriage as well, but they are pretty darn big.

  • Jeff

    They are more likely for farming equipment such as a hay rake, sickle bar mower, or manuer spreader. The lack of any cap on the hub ends is surprising. These usually have a cap on the ends with a spring-loaded locking mechanism so I could be wrong but the size and design can be seen on a half dozen old implements I have sitting in the woods of my farm.