La Tienda de Doña Gavi Sign

La Tienda de Doña Gavi Sign

We continue with “the sign fetish” and today’s turn is for La Tienda de Doña Gavi sign. Believe it or not, this tiny store is one of La Antigua Guatemala landmarks and it’s located on the street behind the Cathedral. Doña Gavi sells all kinds of organic stuff in this cozy shop including avocado ice cream. If you come to Antigua, you must visit this shop. If you don’t trust my recommendation, read the On the Road Travel recommendation below:

La Tienda de Doña Gavi
3a Avenida Norte #2, around the corner from Posada Joyerí­a del Angel, open 11:30am — 6:30pm.
Dona Gavi serves up the best — and most unique — ice cream in Antigua. Choose from avacado, corn, fig, cherry, lemon, and other local fruit flavors. The mango ice cream is incredible. In fact, it is a treat just to meet Dona Gavi and explore her store. Cones are Q16. (source)

La Tienda de Doña Gavi also provides a good contrast with her textured walls against the completely white skies of the rainy season. See, I have been complaining (almost nagging) about how white or gray the skies are because of the rain without realizing I could use these neutral backgrounds as backdrops for the wet and saturated colors of the buildings façades. Nevertheless, I am happy with what I have captured while taking advantage of a disadvantage (see One Way to the Decisive Moment).

Remember there will be general elections in Guatemala next coming Sunday 9th. I will try to do something special for the day. Stay tune!

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  • the colors of the paint is interesting. also she has a ladder if a person needed to escape. nice photo .

  • Tom

    as usual, Rudy, you succeed in taking me right to the heart of La Antigua! forgive me for taking you for granted–every day I look foward to your window on your enchanting city. I love the sign photos! Tom

  • Manolo

    Pues this is a beautiful picture of a beautiful place. Has the “colour police” tried to have Doña Gavi finish the work on her walls? Or does this two colour thing allowed by the law? Just kidding. I wanted to say something about your “sign fetish”, what I love about signs, as you mentioned yesterday, is the typeface used. In this one it reminded me of the transition between printing (letra de molde) and script (letra de carta) that was thought in the private school I used to work in la capital.
    On other topic, what is the real name of Doña Gavi? Gavriela? It is interesting to see the short form of names we use in Guate.

  • The front facade of this shop is perfect. The imperfect stonework combined with the colors is striking and very pleasing to look at. If I were walking by and saw this I would be compelled to enter.

  • Geoffrey

    I really like this picture, the three “contadores” on the right makes it very unique.

  • Lucky

    Really Rudy, you are doing a great job with this site. I have recommended to all my friends in and outside Guatemala. They are enchanted with it. Congratulations, I like very much, I am very proud of you and all your beautiful daily photos.

  • is “contadores” electric meters rudy? i tried to translate the word and it translates accounts but they look like electric meters .

  • It will be a definite place to stop the next time we’re in LAG. Beautiful photo Rudy. The colors are exquisite!

  • Patsy, good point about the scape route.

    Tom, we all have our fetish. Thanks for making yourself visible and your feedback.

    Manolo, sorry I have not responded your emails yet, I will do so this weekend. I need more time to have a proper response. Interestingly enough, the color police has not said anything about this wall… I wonder why. Maybe doña Grabriela has conectes.

    Sompopo, funny how we find perfection in the imperfections… Sompopo, you just summarized what I was trying to say in New Aesthetic Values for an Old Town.

    Geoffrey, you know, I was very aware of los contadores and because of them I chose this framing.

    Lucky, muchas gracias por sus palabras tan amables y espero tenerla seguido por aquí, que es su casa.

    Patsy, SI los contadores are the electric meters.

    ColtraneLives, I believe the colors really come through because the really washed sky line.

  • Ann

    avocado and corn ice creams? Hmm…I don’t know about those flaours at all 😀

    Very cute shop and sign. The best things are always in the most unexpected places!

  • The “Gavi” in her name is a shortened version of the word “gaviota” (seagull) and has been doña Gavi’s nickname for as long as I’ve known her. BTW, avocado and corn ice cream have completely unexpected great taste, they sound a bit strange till you have a taste 😉

  • Fred

    Doña Gavi
    The name Gavi is a short name for Gaviota which in English means Seagull. Gavi´s personality is out of this world- She´s very friendly and will assist you in every way she can. She is very well known in Antigua. You will also have to try her soap and body cream manufactured by her-

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  • eric halliwell

    What an incredible pleasure one feels in the atmosphere that Gavi has in her store! As with much of a metaphysical nature it is hard to say from where the beauty comes but one knows it when one feels it. Personally, I believe it radiates from Gavi herself, who is the sweetest most charming sophisticate you ever will find, and the vibrations in her store I believe are mere extensions of her heart and personality, es decir the essence of caring, but carried off with nonpareil artistic sensibility. Not to mention the incredible ice cream and her valuable advice with her herbal remedies, healthy cosmetics, vitamins, sensual soaps, and so much more. Her smile in itself is a useful commentary on the meaning of life. And that, (Of course, my horse! As Gavi would say) is free.