The Spanish-style roof tiles in Compañí­a de Jesús

Spanish Tiles and Volcán de Agua

The Spanish-style terra cotta roof tiles and Volcán de Agua are omnipresent throughout La Antigua Guatemala. I believe this is the second time I present a photograph which includes the rooftop, Volcán de Agua and a bird. The focus was different this time around though. I wanted to show the aging patterns and the textures formed by the Spanish-style terra cotta roof tiles. This rooftop belongs to the Compañí­a de Jesús building.

Elsewhere in La Antigua Guatemala, there is all kinds of Independence activities, similar to what I showed you last year. Today and tomorrow will be filled with patriotic sounds coming from the many students school bands and their parades, as well as the many Independence marathons which carry the patriotic fire in their torches back to their communities and villages. I will try to get at least some different shots of the activities, if work allows it. In the meantime, you can get a feel for the festive and noisy atmosphere we live now in La Antigua Guatemala by checking the entries below.

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  • you got a bird in the photo.

  • its a good way to describe the spanish legacy in our society, because everebody talks about independence but the legacy of the spanish facts and traditions are refleted in such a things like a roof like in the photograph, i think that the torches with patrotic fire is a tradition in our country that is a sign of participation of the young people.

  • Enjoy the days ahead! Peace and prosperity to all. These terra cotta roofs throughout La Antigua have so much character and make for excellent photos. I love them. Although, I’ve often wondered how difficult they are to work on…or even walk on to repair(?)

  • What a lovely image. Just pleases the eye. 🙂

    Planet Earth Daily Photo

  • Guy

    Yes, and a complete pain if, like us, you have a German Shepher that likes to try to get to the highest point of the house. Broken tejas = agua en cabeza…but they are a pain to replace.