What Shade of Blue is the Guatemalan Flag?

Guatemalan Flags in Balconies

Well, who knows really. I know there’s legislation which describes to the T what a Guatemalan flag is supposed to look like, but like always in Guatemala, laws are beautiful abstract texts that live inside very dusty books. Reality dictates that the Guatemalan flag can be blue, any blue really, with or without the emblem or coat of arms.

However, I am glad the Guatemala’s/Central America’s Independence is celebrated in September because with all that different shades of blue in the million flags out there, it does compensate, a little, for all the white/gray skies in my photographs.

Could any Guatemalan come in and fill in the exact color blue that the Guatemalan flag should be? Any Guatemalan really, even gringos chapines or Canadians chapines.

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  • Monica

    As far as i know the blue has to be sky blue… Celeste in Spanish. Correct me if i am wrong. And just as in other countries you can or not use the coat of arms. Is that right or wrong? letmeknow

  • Manolo

    Pues after spending a few minutes using Don Google I found the link to the Congress Act (“decreto 104-97” in pdf format) that determines the colour blue as
    ISCC-NBS 177. But from there to figure out what that means is starting to feel like I am running after the rabbit down the hole to a Web Wonderland. Why ISCC colour codes? Why not Panetone (R) or RGB or CYMB? Why? Only in Guatemala!

  • Manolo

    Procrastination or Thank you Rudy for a fun way of not having to do work
    Found another interesting link:
    A funky web 1.0 page (like the ones I am able to design) with some weird coding (maybe I should’ve gone into Graphic Design at the IFES after all, wait back then it was a girls-only college) but at the end I think I found the html colour code for the Guatemalan flag, although I have two:

    #4285B4 and #4997D0 I hope my coding comes up otherwise it would look pretty weird.

    So, back to other ways of procrastination now… should I go check my facebook profile or keep playing around with the Grad. Student Association webpage… decisions decisions… or I should go back to my office and start marking assignments… or not.

  • According to this other page http://tx4.us/nbs/nbs-177.htm,

    ISCC-NBS 177 or Brilliant Blue, Celestial Blue could be coded in html as
    #4285B4 or #4997D0

    Guess which colours will be used in my personal webpage soon…

    I made a larger comment but I guess it had too much coding on it. Rudy, just read it, laugh out loud and delete it. Thanks for the happiest half hour of my week.

  • My understanding was that it was the Celestial Blue or Color Azul Cielo, also called celeste (light blue). Like the argentinian flag.

  • Lindsey

    im not sure on the exact color, but isn’t it suppose to represent the two bodies of water on either side of guatemala?

  • Like Manolo says, it’s SCC-NBS 177. That the equivalent of pantone 297 or 298.

  • You can see pantone 297 here.

  • Ann

    Maybe they should invent a new colour and just call it “Guatemalan Blue”


  • Claudia

    Ann, I think I would be in favor of that 🙂

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  • Thanks everyone for the awesome research. This was a team effort.