Don’t Take Pictures…

Don't Take Pictures...

Even though La Antigua Guatemala is a very photogenic town and that is virtually impossible to take a bad photo of this old town and its façades, sometimes, you find places that request that you refrain from taking pictures. Yet, if you ask nicely you are even allow to take photos in these places.

What do you think of this sign?

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  • Guy

    I get quite cross with shops that have this attitude. I saw a similar prohibition at El Telar. What are you going to do…copy their designs? We live in an age when everyone is increasingly a walking content-capture device. Shops like this should accept the urge to photograph their gear as flattery, and also quite possibly free marketing.

  • I wonder what it is they object to- after all it is a shopfront and not a private house…

    Planet Earth Daily Photo

  • Manolo

    Hey, was the sign for sale? It looks pretty crafty (artesanal pues) and the multilingual “gracias” that is pretty amazing, don’t you think? I was talking to a friend the other day and we came to the conclusion that it is not a global village but a global “finca”. I also believe that we eventually learn the language(s) of the “patrones”…

  • Security also stopped me from taking photos in our big hypermarket last Christmas. I only wanted to show typical Christmas displays, foods, etc., which would be free advertising for them anyway. Just cannot understand what the possible objections / security risks are. So, beggar them: I did half my Christmas food shopping elsewhere, where they didn’t mind me taking photos.

  • coltrane_lives

    There are some shops in Paris that have requested I not photograph their displays and such (artistic ownership…security?), but in the States I’ve not really encountered this attitude so much. C’est la vie!

  • Ellen

    maybe they’re afraid the flash exposure will fade the fabrics and paints?

  • Claudia

    I worked on 7th Avenue in Manhattan a few yrs ago and even though our store did not cater to the public, we would get a lot of tourists but I was told that any photographing was strictly prohibited . . .

  • If they put up a notice and ask quite nicely I don’t mind — but agree with other commentators it is annoying to have petty officials bugging one from time to time.

  • Nice fun shot…

  • Harold

    Well, I think that you can find in anywhere in the world these kind of signs, in this case is nbecause they have exclusive hnadcrafts, so is understanding.