Dove Meeting in La Iglesia de La Merced

Doves in Iglesia de la Merced

I can still hear the rumors of the doves’ chat while at their meeting in a late afternoon at Iglesia de La Merced in La Antigua Guatemala. Since La Merced Church is one of the landmarks for La Antigua is visited often by tourists and chosen by many Guatemalan and foreigners as their wedding chapel. I dedicate this entry to my good friend Manolo who has a special history with this church.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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  • coltrane_lives

    When we stayed in La Antigua, we stayed at a hotel a few blocks from La Merced and we visited it several times. Beautiful church. I do recall it was in January (our first night in LAG) and there must have been a festival commemorating a saint or two because the fireworks and explosions went on through the night…I slept very little and kept waking to thoughts that I must be in some type of urban battlefield. It was quite humorous actually. I think my wife purchased several rosaries from this church too.

  • coltrane_lives

    BTW…you have a nice weekend too, Rudy!

  • Oh,today i learnt a new place,thanks ! Checking out all your photos 😀

  • the doves are leaving calling cards on the church, notice the stains.

  • They’re talking politics; you can tell…

    Planet Earth Daily Photo

  • The doves have good taste in where to visit. Beautiful building.

  • Linda iglesia y las ruinas muy bonitas, saludos Rudeque.

  • Manolo

    Pues sí… mi mente esta tan retorcida como el bello estilo barroco de la Merced de La Antigua… sorry but no way of translating that at this time of the night (10 to midnight)… and I could say something about what I think about doves as well (rats with wings) but I will just say : THANK YOU RUDY FOR THE DEDICATION. 🙂

  • Guy
  • You slam-dunked two in a row! This photo is fantastic. The birds are a wonderful touch of nature — thanks for arranging them in the shot. 🙂