Typical Post Card from La Antigua Guatemala

Typical Vista from La Antigua Guatemala

I am not too fond of post cards shots, but I do get them too every once in a while. So, please tell me you will come back tomorrow; I promise to stay away from post card images. I promise!

POST CARDS UPDATE: I want to thank Gerard, Carolyn and Alan for having sent a post card from their home town as I requested in the Postscript entry. If you don’t know what I am talking about, please, do read the Postscript for details. But, in short, I am requesting a hand-written note on a post card, with stamps if at all possible, from all the visitors to La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo so I can learn a little about you and your hometown as well as to test the Guatemalan postal service. I encourage you to participate.

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  • put my postcard in the post to you on Saturday

  • Guy

    That’s nice. Which part of town?

  • Manolo

    Hey, that is not a typical postcard view… there are lots of interesting elements… the Israeli barb wire and the maimed tree for example. The little charco reflecting the house is pretty cool too… a nice weekend afternoon after the rain. And again you are capturing red tones… is something making you “see red” 🙂

  • maggied

    I have often thought that almost every one of your photo’s is “postcard worthy.” My question too, “what part of town?” For 6 wks now I’ve been following you (your photos) around town and haven’t seen anything like this.

  • Dina

    You are too critical of yourself! Great shot! All of your photos emit feelings…and raise questions…this one is no different!

  • Mel

    I think it’s a nice picture!!

  • salvador

    where should we mail the post cards>?

  • Ellen

    This is a great photo … all of your photos are great. I don’t think this looks like a postcard and even if it did, who cares!, it’s still a very nice photo!

  • Pat

    It may be a typical postcard, but it’s beautiful and for me, looking at such a restful scene may be the last peaceful moment what is sure to be my typical fast-paced and incredibly busy day. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will mail a postcard today!

  • Ron

    Why is the razor wire on the roof??

  • Ann

    Well I absolutely love that shot. Such a beautiful shade of red that house is painted in.
    Look out for a postcard from Montego Bay Jamaica Rudy 🙂 I shall put it in the mail when next week! 🙂

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