Arch column in Jocotenango

Arch column in Jocotenango

Okay enough is enough. If you browse the Arches category you can find 22 entries and that is not counting all the arches that have appeared through the 535 consecutive days, but I have not tagged or classified as arches. Not once I have talked about the simple column that supports the arch; that is wrong if you consider that it takes two columns to support a single arch. My very dear friend JM Magaña, La Antigua Guatemala’s former conservator and the pen behind the architecture column in Recrearte magazine, could call me a near-sighted person or worst a discriminatory individual or architecture elements. We can not continue like that, no way José! We put an end to this discrimination today. There you have it above, a humble arch column close-up taken at the Municipalidad de Jocotenango.

The Amazon Wish List Side note:
I want to publicly thank Carolyn from Minnesota for being the first person to donate towards the operations cost of La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo through the Amazon Wish List for LAGDP. Like many of you already know, this web site is maintained economically through your donations towards the hosting bills and my own economic resources to pay for the rest, which includes internet access, batteries, memory cards, cameras, tripods, blank discs for backups, external hard drives, computer equipment, Flickr account, books, entrance fees, restaurant bills, parking lot fees, et-cetera. I even placed some adsense ads to help unload some of the cost from my personal budget; I hope the adsense ads are not too distracting. Still, LAGDP is an economic burden, so I REALLY appreciate any help you guys send this way. Many thanks to Carolyn from Minnesota and to all the people that have donated thus far. The Amazon Wish List for LAGDP ships whatever you guys donate from the list to a P.O. Box in Miami and from there the item is taken via airborne to Guatemala City. Once there, I receive a phone call to let me know about the package. I am still responsible for the shipping charges from Miami-Guatemala City, import duties and sales tax. I know it sounds complicated, but it all works out somehow.

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  • Not so humble; this arch- or perhaps it’s the way you have framed it.

    Planet Earth Daily Photo

  • The decorative iron cage around the light fixture is a nice touch but strange in that it seems to be protecting the fixture but there are no flood lamps in the fixture?

  • i love the yellow colors of these buildings. i have been under the knife again.
    Rudy I would send you a little money if I had a way but I don’t own a credit card and it is my understanding that u s money orders are not good out side the u s.
    I don’t have much money but i could spare a few dollars, I don’t want you to think i don’t send money because I am stingey. your is my favorite blog.

  • Rich, thanks for all your feedback.

    Sompopo, the cage is there so they don’t steal the light fixture and the lamps. It looks like the lamps are already gone.

    Patsy, I don’t think either way about anybody here. I am not even asking for donations. I will continue to maintain the site for as long as I can whether I receive donations or not. Patsy, I don’t expect anything from anybody, so it is nice when I do get a donation. To me your regular visits and feedback are enough. Patsy, please stay safe and healthy, do whatever it takes and do not worry about this humble blog published from a tiny colonial town in the mountain range of Central America.

  • What a simple yet sweet and intriguing photo!