In Search of the La Naranja Pelada

la naranja pelada - jocotenango

Crea fama y acuéstate a dormir. —anónimo (Create fame, then sleep. —Anonymous)

The first time I ever heard about La Naranja Pelada (The Peeled Orange) was at Inner Diablog, a blog published from London but filled with hindsight and hard-to-find information about Guatemala. On top of all, Guy writes so eloquently that it is a pleasure to read his entries. Honest, Guy’s blog and his writing is an inspiration to me. Check it out!

In the area around Antigua the best ceviches are to be found in a small seafood restaurant on a backstreet of Jocotenango called La Naranja Pelada. The dining room is wood-panelled and decorated with specimens of local ‘game’ such as snakes, turtles and armadilloes. (source: Inner Diablog)

The second time I read about La Naranja Pelada was about a meeting of Guatemalan writers that took place there. Then I read a recommendation by Pepe Zarco, one of the columnist of Prensa Libre.

This was enough to pique my curiosity. I have to find the La Naranja Pelada… To be continued

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  • It’s a delicious shade of blue. I have a feeling there are lobsters involved somehow….
    Planet Earth Daily Photo

  • Claudia

    I like the name of the place – it’s very creative; different
    My favorite kind of ceviche is made w/ concha negras – I had it one time in Escuintla – it was quite exquisite. . . I like the arch above the sign . . .

  • Jerry B

    Ahh, nothing like ceviche and a michelada! When I was in Guatemala a few weeks ago I ate a fantastic ceviche with shrimp, octopus, and conch at a place in Zona 5 in Guatemala City called Cevicheria Puerto Escondido. Rough neighborhood, but excellent food. A photo to make you hungry is on my Flickr site: Enjoy, and thanks for your perseverance, Rudy, I enjoy it greatly.

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