Ceviche from La Naranja Pelada

Ceviche at La Naranja Pelada

It was last year, on May 14th, that I showed a photo of Shrimp ceviche. If I am not mistaken, it was the shrimp ceviche photo that brought me to the attention of Guy from Inner Diablog and viceversa. Interestingly enough, I also met Sompopo [virtually] through a photo of a sompopo back in May 2006.

Anyhow, much has been said about ceviches and there are almost as many spellings [seviche, cebiche, sebiche] as there are recipes from all the different countries of Latin America. But three ceviches styles are the most widely known: The Mexican, The Peruvian and The Guatemalan Ceviche. All seviches have their own twist and I have to admit that the Guatemalan cebiche with conchas (shellfish with dark, almost black, ink) is the least appealing of all. Yet, for those brave enough to have tried it, the Guatemalan conchas ceviche is a total delicacy. Guy from Inner Diablog has spent enough ink talking about ceviches and since he’s a total connoisseur, I rather you go to his blog and read about ceviches there.

There are many great places to eat ceviche in Guatemala and La Naranja Pelada is one of them. It is a habit among Guatemalans and foreigners who enjoy ceviches to share the information of where to get the best ceviche; everybody knows where to find the best ceviche and it is not the same place for everybody. Esperanza and I, for instance, know that the best ceviche can be had at La Blanqui restaunrant-bar in Escuintla.

Okay I’ve done my part. Now it is up to you, can you share with us where to get the best ceviche?

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  • We visited Antigua in July–good food, charming city. I enjoy seeing your photos….we plan to visit again soon. Barbara

  • Manolo

    I thought it was called Blanqui… if it is the same place I used to go with my dad eons ago on the way out (out to where I don’t know) of Escuintla “city” (as opposed to Escuintla “departamento de”). I tried to describe it on an inedit short story I wrote two (or three at this point) lifetimes ago.

    Two places I have had ceviche in Canada: Homemade ceviche at my aunt’s (my dad’s cousin) in Kitchener just last June (one of the best I had, or maybe it was pure nostalgia) and another one in a Costarrican place called Latin Fiesta in Toronto (St. Clair West); I had it twice there, the mixto (fish, octupi, shrimp and whatnot) was good, the fish only was better.

  • Guy


  • I can’t believe its been that long already. 🙂

  • Cada quien lo escribe a su manera manín, en el drae esta “Cebiche” y “Seviche”, por cierto, el Cevi-chito en la zona 10 de la capirucha, el de “Los Chavos” en la zona 5, y el de “La Curva”, en el Puerto La Libertad de la hermana El Salvador, son buenísimos, ¡Ya se me antojó!

  • Barbara, I am glad you like it… I promise to post at least a photo per day in the mean time.

    Manolo, maybe you are right and the name is La Blanqui and it is located in Escuintla City. I would like to read your short story… send it to me.

    Guy, thanks mon ami.

    Sompopo, time in on my side.

    Pirata Cojo, vos y yo tenemos que juntarnos más seguido para ir a todos esos lugares que me mencionas… mandame tu número telefónico para que nos pongamos de acuerdo. Te prometo llevar toda mi música de Sabina.

  • Claudia

    Rudy- nick pic – I see yet another ‘sacrifice’ you had to make for your readers . . .I gotta ask you – do people ever look @ you funny while you’re taking pix of the food? (just curious)

  • Dejame un correo en mi blog y te respondo con el número telefónico

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  • tiffany

    i thought that food was good and amazing

  • i thought that food was amazing

  • what a delicious recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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