Caimán at La Naranja Pelada

la naranja pelada - caimán

La Naranja Pelada restaurant either falls under the category of tacky or kitsch; you decide! Besides all the specimens on the walls don’t go with us. To have stuffed animals in the brink of extinction like the caimán (cayman) shown above is enough for us to go elsewhere. The reasons I have to show all the recent photos of La Naranaja Pelada have to do with documenting a place with a little fame because of the ceviches they serve there. Seviches are a very important Guatemalan dish and very popular snack/meal around La Antigua Guatemala. I also found La Naranaja Pelada to be very tacky and kitsch. There is still one more shot about La Naranaja Pelada and then we will wave our goodbyes.

What is your opinion about La Naranaja Pelada, based solely on the photos and copy you seen so far?

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  • Manolo

    Pues it does not look like your typical cevichería… although I wouldn’t expect or go to Antigua or its environs to have a ceviche, so their house specialty must be very good. Ceviche is more a South Coast kind of thing for me… or maybe even Reu… or Mazate? Even it reminds me more of zone 5 or 11 in La Nueva.

    And the cayman reminded me of “La Pequeña Compañía” (before your time? it is my mom’s music after all) and their medleys… “se va el caimán, se va el caimán…”

  • I remember back in the day when CB radios were all the rage my CB handle was “Wally Gator 53GGO”. Of course this isn’t a gator but it reminded me of that time. I have had Gator gumbo in Louisiana and all kinds of seafood here but I have never had Ceviche. The wife has had it and she said she never acquired a taste for it.

  • Donald

    It does not look so bad! Do they have other kins of seafood? My wife does not like the ceviche so much. I could eat there, I’m sure, without philosophizing over the moral implications of the way the place is decorated…although I don’t think the Giant Marlboro Man adds anything to the ambiance…Did you get my postcard from Michigan yet?

  • Manolo, I remember a song by los Guaragüao called Tío Caimán… boy those were other times.

    Sompopo, if you never had it, I encourage you to go try it, even the Mexican ceviche or cóctel. But start with something you can have like shrimp and then move to the more exotic sea food.

    Donald, they have all kinds of meals at La Naranja Pelada, but I believe the sea food is their especialty.