Embossed Picture from La Naranja Pelada

Embossed Picture from La Naranja Pelada

Don Tulio, the owner of La Naranja Pelada, has an interesting taste for decoration; to say the least. Here we have an embossed snapshot of Guy sitting at the bar while waiting for his abulón ceviche (abalone lime-juiced soaked salad).

Perhaps next time Guy makes his way down to Guatemala, we could meet up for ceviches, beers and blogs at El Pelicano Dorado… What you say, Guy, are you up for it? Anybody?

Post cards request update: The first two post cards arrived today at my postal office box. Gerard’s post card from Hyde, England and Carolyn’s from sunny Southern California arrive today. Gerard’s post card was sent on September 29, it arrived to Guatemala City on October 8 and to La Antigua Guatemala on the 10th. Carolyn’s post card was sent on October 1st, it landed in GuateCity on October 6 and it made its way down to La Antigua Guatemala today. If you don’t know what I am talking about, please do read the entry Postscript.

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  • I like the detail of the ‘rear-end- of the customer… 🙂

    Planet Earth Daily Photo

  • Jerry T

    I am sure this place will not be on my list of things to see on my next trip. I avoid places that look like this in Texas, and we have plenty of them…tacky with too much taxidermy! Makes you wonder if you are eating roadkill. Keep up the good work.

  • Vos ¿Y dónde queda?, para echar colazo en el próximo viaje a la ciudad de las perpetuas rosas.

  • Lucky

    Congratulations for the postcards you have received. You are showing our country and this is amazing!

  • Ann

    Lol at the embossed picture 🙂

    My post card hasn’t been mailed off as yet. I’m out of town at the moment, but as soon as I get back I’ll drop it in the mail 😉

  • Love the picture — glad to know the postcard arrived OK and reasonably quickly. There is a postal strike on here now.

  • Guy

    I’m up for it…just maybe not at the Naranja Pelada!