Guateflora: Llama del bosque

Guateflora: Llama del bosque

This kind of tree with its orange flowers is very popular around La Antigua Guatemala. According to the Guateflora book its name is Llama del bosque (flame of the forest or Spathodea campanulata) which brings me to an interesting fact between the English and Spanish languages. Forest in Spanish is bosque, but deforestation is deforestación. Trees in Spanish is árboles and Arbor Day in Spanish is Dí­a del Árbol. In English the root for the word bosque is still available as bosk for a thicket of bushes. Can you come up with other samples?

Do you know when is Arbor Day celebrated in your neck of the woods?

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  • Guy

    Often when the main noun is of Germanic origin in English the related adjectives etc derive from Latin and that is where you find these connections.

    i.e. Selva (also forest in Spanish / as in “la selva se lo llevo!” in Predator) connects with slightly obscure English words like Sylvan.

  • Manolo

    Pues apparently there is an Arbor Week in Ontario, according to the Arbor Day Foundation website is at the end of April, beginning of May. Just after Earth Day I guess.

    This tree looks just lovely with its red/orange flowers. Hey, I have an uncle who works in that hotel! You should ask permission to take some pictures of the little “Antigua street” they have inside. Unless you may think it would be free advertisement. Ahh… I can taste some torrejas right now.

  • i wish we had this lovely tree growing in my yard.

  • jaguar

    i like this picture . i like this nature .very peaceful place i lov this place.

  • Guy, thanks for filling in the link between this connections.

    Manolo, I don’t mind doing a photo from the little street, I just hope I can get access. What’s your uncle’s name?

    Patsy, actually you can purchase this tree in plant nursery in the U.S. If you follow Spathodea campanulata link you can find all the common names and instructions for growing and caring for this your flame of the forest.

    Juguar, thanks for your comment and visit.

  • Stella de Sepe

    Estoy interesada en saber si ustedes tiene documentado algo de una hierba de la medicina tradicional indigena de Guatemala que se llama guiss o wizz o huizz, es una hoja parecida al chichicaste que se usa en una infusiòn para quitar los dolores de las articulaciones y musculos adoloridos…

    Muchas gracias…