Here’s Rex, Our Office Supervisor

Here's Rex, Our Office Supervisor

This is Rex, our office supervisor. He was overseeing the proofreaders’ work on the last leg of the November production of Recrearte and Revue Magazines. He’s the nicest supervisor I ever had.

P.S. This photo was taken by my wife, a cat lover like myself.

© 2007 – 2017, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • OMG,que gordo.

  • Yeah, Rex does look like a bit of a “fat cat” boss. 🙂

    Got four of these who take turns to supervise my work.

  • from the looks of your cat he has some kin in my neighbors yard. weather here is 39 degrees and damp but the sun is shining.

  • Claudia

    wow, Rex is living the good life, eh?

  • Very fitting name for a king of a cat… as they say, dogs have owners, cats have “staff”….

  • It is very cute this chubby one!

  • Um, I have an orange and white cat who is 15+ years old and fatter. Great shot.

  • Ann

    Oh what a handsome fellow! 🙂

  • janna

    Wow, his eyes are remarkably similar in color to the leaves that surround him. Very pretty.

  • gordito el gatito, llenito para el perrito…jk…Very funny picture. Cute cat…

  • Kim

    Rudy, an excellent shot of el heffe, Rex!
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