Touring La Antigua Guatemala during the Rainy Season

Touring La Antigua Guatemala during the Rainy Season

Touring around Guatemala can be tough during the rainy season, but it can be done… nothing a good raincoat and an umbrella can not solve. But, if you absolutely want the best weather, the best photographic light, the best Volcán de Fuego show, then you have to come in the November through February months.

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  • Is this high tourist season in La Antigua? I find incredibly interesting to see the brand of the backpacks they carry to figure out where they are from… “Quechua”=France; “Totto”=Latin American; “Roots”-“Columbia”-“MEC”=maybe Canadian (dunno?). Have you noticed these type of patterns?

  • Jerry T

    All three times I have been to Antigua it has been the rainy season. I loved it, rain and all. I can’t imagine Guatmala without the rain! We are having wonderful, cool weather here in East Texas…In the mid 70’s with lows in the 40’s-50’s. I know, this is Guatemala weather! We have just a few days a year like this. Mostly it is HOT here.

  • do you just have four months of dry weather?