Feast of the Senses: Central American Cuisine Exhibit

Fiesta de los Sentidos Exposición

I begun photographing Guatemalan dishes especially for those S&M Guatemalans who live abroad and for those people interested in a Latin American cuisine other than the omnipresent Mexican cuisine. I believe the first shot was a Shrimp ceviche from Don Quinchos station wagon on Alameda Santa Lucí­a. Then I did a mini-series on Guatemalan Cuisine.

Little did I know where all these food shots were going to go. For one, the Guatemalan food shots are the most often used images with and without permission. One such image of Fiambre even found its way into a newspaper advertisement this week (without permission). On the other hand, about eight to ten of my Guatemalan food shots took a different path into an international anthropological and ethnic exhibit about the Central American Cuisine (with permission and high resolution images). Let me explain a little better below.

Several of my photographs are on display in a Exhibit at the Museo de Arqueologí­a y Etnologí­a (Salón 5, Finca La Aurora, zona 13, Guatemala City) about the gastronomy of Central America under the name of Fiesta de los Sentidos: La Cocina Centroamericana (Feast of the Senses: Central American Cuisine). This same exhibit is on display simultaneously in Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama from October 12 through January 12, 2008.

The Feast of the Senses: Central American Cuisine exhibit is based on scientific investigation around the Central American gastronomy. The exhibition panels have the information in Spanish and English, in case you are in Guatemala during this period.

Below you can find the programs for the activities to be held in October and November and one sample of the panels on display in the exhibition.

Fiesta de los Sentidos: Programa de Octubre en Guatemala, Fiesta de los Sentidos: Programa de Noviembre en Guatemala

Fiesta de los Sentidos en Museo de Arqueologí­a

Post cards request update: I forgot to mention that on Friday I found four new post cards in the p.o. box. The first Canadian post card I received was sent by Manolo, who, by the way created the post card from his amazing photographs. Next, I had a chance to see the beauty of the gorgeous gothic cathedral of Saint Patrick, in New York City, thanks to Claudia. Carolyn from Minnesota sent a post card of the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum (one more word with the árbol root). Last, I’ve got a post card from Cynthia, Michele and Joan from Pennsylvania about Amish children. Needless to say we are delighted with all the post cards and my wife suggested we make an album with all of them. Please keep them coming. If you don’t know what I am talking about, please do read the entry Postscript.

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  • And did the people that used your photos at least mention the source? Hey, you might end up with a similar blog to Post Secret with all those postcards lying around.

  • the food photos are lovely.

  • Donald

    The food looks great but I am not too pleased with the fact that admission to the exhibit is Q3 for some people and Q30 for others (me, for example). Puro ladronismo! My wife is Honduran and we live in Michigan. If anybody tried to charge her TEN TIMES the regular price for admission to the movie theater or for a pound of bananas, she would raise HOLY HELL about it, and so would I.

  • So beautiful! LOVE this collage.

  • So sorry they are using them wo/ permission. Grrrr.

  • Manolo, the photo in the ad for El Tamal did not carry my photo credit. The photos in the Feast of the Senses exhibit did credit all my photos and were used with permission. BTW, thanks for the link to the post card site.

    Patsy, thanks for all your comments. You are my number one visitor.

    Donald, actually the Q3 entrance fee is subsidized since most Guatemalans pay taxes and thus are entitled to some benefits. If your wife, you and I went to the movie theater, a commercial enterprise, we all would pay the same.

    Lessie, thanks for all your support and feedback.

  • Donald

    I know what you are saying about the taxes and all. But still, Guatemalans are not charged ten times the admission for museums, parks, etc. in the US. I wouldn’t mind so much if it was maybe Q4.50 or even Q6, but TEN times as much seems pretty outrageous.

  • what is the blue thing called?

  • Donald

    I’m pretty sure the blue thing is called an ‘onion’ or ‘cebolla’ in Spanish!