Taking a Break

Taking a Break

We all need it by now.

Today’s entry marks 558 consecutive days of La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo; 570 entries total. The tree above is the same tree that appears in the post I don’t care about the world on May 21st, 2006.

Have a great weekend everyone and tell me what are your plans for the next two days!

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  • Pues I dunno what I am doing this weekend… what are you up to? Wanna meet for a Gallo? or for a Steam Whistle?
    I know I’ll be missing the sun… what a beautiful weather you are having down there. Here, I saw the first wet flurries yesterday that then turn into rain. I don’t mind sunny after snow days, but this overcast dreadful skies are not good for the heart.
    Congratulations for the landmark… 570 postings… that is quite a bit.

  • MaggieD

    Weekend plans – it’s autumn in Greensboro, NC, so it will be a weekend of raking leaves and preparing yard for winter AND send postcard to you, finally!

  • Claudia

    MM, sleeping in late tomorrow, having breakfast w/ my daughter, taking her to dance school and studying a lot for my chemistry test. Maybe some early Xmas shopping on Sunday. Congratulations on your 570th entry. . . even though I’ve never met you I feel like I know you from reading your entries and your thoughts, interpreting (from my perspective) your photographs. . . thank you Rudy.

  • I’ve been visiting your site, our site since a picture with a cucurucho in black that’s in a wall to the entrance/exit of Antigua (depends on where you’re standing). I just didn’t comment. I was shy. Haha.
    Congratulations on reaching 570 entries!
    This weekend will be homework, pancakes, homework, Chinese food, homework, and…homework. It’s getting colder here and there’s a chance of rain this weekend so we will also be drinking chocolate caliente de Guatemala…hopefully.

  • cynthia

    Here in Pennsylvania it is supposed to snow an inch or two this evening. I will spend
    my weekend packing and taking care of prep for my upcoming trip to La Antigua next week.
    Congrats on this wonderful site. It has been like a virtual tour before traveling.
    Hasta pronto….

  • Did you miss a week or so somewhere? You started a week before me and my current post is #582

    As for the weekend well when you don’t officialy work except as a carer you don’t really take a break at weekends; the buses don’t run so you can’t get out and I shall do what I always do, stay in, surf the net, watch TV, make some meals and sleep a little.

  • Adoro as casas e as cores no fundo. Grande fotografia.