Selling Cell Phones in the La Antigua’s Market

Selling Cell Phones in the Mercado

The transnational Spanish cell phone company Movistar enters the humble Guatemalan market; following the example set by Domino’s Pizza. So now, you can go to el mercado (market) of La Antigua Guatemala for your vegetables, fruits, spices, flowers, dishes, charcoal and cell phones. These two girls, with Telefónica Movistar t-shirts, were selling the cell phones for Q130/USD$18 with Q100 of airtime and your own cell phone number; not bad all.

Do you want to know a little more about the mobile cell phone industry in Guatemala? Then, just follow the white rabbit!

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  • Hello my name is Carmen and my parents who are retired use cells in Guatemala. Hahahaha. My parents have not one, but two cell phones in Guatemala. They only wanted one and actually, my dad doesn’t like to carry stuff so two cell phones took some convincing. The first one was a PCS and it *clearly* did not have a signal when you most needed it…say, when you were on your way to somewhere far and needed to reach relatives abroad nor when you were coming back from a place to the capital and needed to call for a taxi. Other people had signal anywhere at anytime so we wondered, “Did we have the wrong provider?” They told us they had Tigo. So my sister gave my mom a Tigo with airtime as a present (sounded like a nice deal at that time)…turns out though the cell decided to die on my mom on the second day of their very short honeymoon. For some strange reason, with the Tigo, no calls were coming in and no calls were going out. At least with the PCS, calls were coming in…er, sometimes. The other day my mom called me and used colorful language to depict both cell phones and their respective “service,” her separate fieldtrips to Telgua and Tigo to get both cell phones working (which took the whole day), and the lack of signal (again)…and me? I listened as a daughter should. Movistar? I wonder…hhmmm, tempting, but I highly doubt she wants a third cell phone. ^_~

  • i don’t own nor want a cell phone. the service is good here I just think they are too small. all my children have one.

  • sompopo

    The wife and I just upgraded to new cell phones. Our old ones were over three years old. The new ones cost over two hundred dollars a piece but the price for the phones were waved in Lew of signing a new two year contract. Even though I grew up with no cell phones I cannot imagin living without one now.

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