Partners in Adversity

Partners in Adversity by Rudy Girón

Life is tough for the homeless in La Antigua Guatemala, but it helps to have a friend to cope with adversity.

© 2007 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Yaji

    Ay! Pobrecitos lindos!

  • sompopo

    Looks like they may have it better than the ones in Puerto Rico.

    Pet Massacres In Puerto Rico

  • This looks like a great “postcard” picture… I can see it in B/W to make it more marketable… 🙂 Social commentary aside, and following with the “chucho” word, I remember a former theater teacher telling a story about a police dog bothering him on an airport in Mexico. My teacher told the security guy something like “keep your ‘chucho’ away from me” and the cop replied: “My dog’s name is not Jesús”

  • Jerry B

    It’s a tough life, but a little love helps….

  • Great catch. So perfect, hard to believe not somewhat posed, but that’s surely not possible, right? The kitty and the dog — so sweet. Wish I could feed them both.

  • I am still laughing at “My dog’s name is not Jesus.” Hahahahaha. Thanks Manolo. This picture is both beautiful and heartbreaking. My mom adopted a Chow Chow and a friend of mine gave us a kitten. The kitten would curl around the dog’s tummy and would do that thing that cats do when trying to find the perfect spot to sleep. Our dog wouldn’t mind. The kitten would fall asleep, the dog would fall asleep, and I would just look at them because as I kept looking at them, I did not think it possible for those two to get along…but they did.

  • Sheesh. I did not make a transition between the picture and my memory, sorry. That’s what typing fast does to you. 🙁

  • Mixed feelings with this picture. Simply great.

  • Buenísima la foto, captaste justo el momento. Te felicito.

    Saludos 😉

  • rather sad.

  • rather sad. i think they need help.

  • erica

    sad but best pic yet

  • Ahh…life is tough indeed for these little fellows.

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