McInternet in La Antigua Guatemala

McInternet in La Antigua Guatemala

It is not difficult to find internet access to check your emails while taking a break from Spanish classes. As you can see, even McDonald’s would give you free internet access and a computer if you trade your soul.

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  • Cynthia

    Enjoying your daily photo page, thank you.
    Mc Donalds, I never went there while living in the USA.
    Now I live in Europe and have traveled to Asia, and the one thing consistant is Mc Donalds.
    I am dissapointed by this as, at least here in Sweden, people seem to thinks this place sums up people from The United States. Even worse are the Americans who travel and eat at Mc Donalds rather than eat the local food and experience the local world even just a little.
    Again thank you for your visually and intilectually stimulating blog.

  • I spent a couple of months in Chisinau, Moldova, earlier this year and again, the main internet cafe was in McDonalds. Fortunately I didn’t have to buy any of the food in order to use the internet!

  • Manolo

    Did you know that the McHappy meal was invented in Guatemala? If I am not wrong also the idea of Playplaces comes from the franchises in Chapinlandia too… I bet that for lots of people is just nice to have a “familiar” place when you are in a strange land, and that is the success of McDees all over the world. You make me feel somewhat like Rosemary’s Baby when you say things like “selling your soul”… next thing I know you are going to call TV “the idiot box”… 🙂 Don’t take away some McHappy moments away from my childhood…

  • Rudy,
    You’re “intellectualizing” McD’s too much. Why is it that as people get older they turn more critical and cynical? Go have a Big Mac…and email a friend.

  • Scott

    Cynthia, it’s actually humorous that Swedes (and others) have such a short-sighted, flippant, and false view of Americans and American culture. It’s only a burger joint for cryin’ out loud! To think that Americans or the American culture are defined by McDonalds makes me laugh out loud!