The Arches of McDonald’s in La Antigua Guatemala

The Arches of McDonald's in La Antigua Guatemala

Even fast-food restaurant have exquisite architectonic details to make them be in harmony with the colonial architecture of La Antigua Guatemala. Maybe you remember the fountain inside the Burger King’s restaurant shown here back in April 10th.

Don’t let anybody, including me, take away the pleasure of visiting this fast-food restaurants, if your conscience/soul/principles/memories/nostalgia/health allows for it. I promise you I am NOT, by any means, the exorcist! 😉 I AM, however, the native informant. 🙁

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  • Jerry T

    On my visits to Antigua, I refused to eat at any American fast food places! If I want to go to McDonalds, there are 3 in the town where I live, which I rarely visit. however, neither is as interesting as the style of this one. Hopefully, your next transnational invansion WON’T be Wal-mart! Is everyone there getting ready for Christmas?

  • Rudy,
    I agree with Jerry. Your McD’s “style” is much more “interesting” in design than ours in the States. Thanks for the daily info you provide. BTW…I don’t consider you the “exorcist”! Although, maybe you do have a hankering for pea soup. 🙂

  • I’ll bite (no pun intended)… here is a photo of a McDonalds in “La Nueva” (aka Guate city) that I took in Feb. 2006.
    I used to have a friend in university back in Guate who was obsessed with McD (and coincidentally with Pink Floyd) strange fellow, but good friend. I could talk hours about the extremes he used to go… but that kind of conversation is better to have over a Whopper… but with a Coke, not a Pepsi 🙂
    So, besides my McHappy childhood I also had a McFriend… ugh… now I sound like Grey’s Anatomy

  • Jerry T, too late about the Wal-mart invasion. Wal-mart bought the 51% of Paiz conglomerate which means the largest Guatemalan retail chain is under control of the tiny Wal-mart transnational. Christmas? we started to see the Christmas decorations in the shopping centers and advertising at the end of September. We sold our souls. 🙂

    Coltrane.lives, boy oh boy, you should try my hankering pea soup…

    Manolo, where exactly was your photo of McDonald’s taken… I ask because I haven’t seen this particular restaurant.

  • Rudy Well… the McD pic was from a corner in the heart of “la zona viva” aka zone 10, which btw has changed quite a bit since I left at the turn of the century. I was going to start a rant about the cacique (con el perdón de los caciques que resistieron a los conquistadores) they have for mayor in “La Nueva”.
    I actually think it is on the street of the Canadian embassy, but just a couple of blocks from to Ave. La Reforma… how is your geography of La Capital these days?

  • kelley Akin

    I think I’m gonna puke…..tho it has been since 1985 when I lived there,I would have NEVER imagined that micky D’s would be in Antigua…….I was contemplating a trip back…perhaps its not such a great idea….maybe I should keep my memories of a quiet little town….

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