How to Discourage your Competition

How to discourage your competition

If you eat with our competition this is how you’ll end up!

This is a very simple and effective way to discourage the patronizing of the competition. Sign seen at Los Mojados Taquerí­a (The Wetback Taco restaurant).

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  • haha, that’s awesome…well, if it’s a joke 😉

  • Is that a warning or a threat?… you have to wonder.. and who is their competition? Subway? McDees? or other Taco joints? Moreover, it seems those “Mojados” lost their compass or crossed the wrong border if they ended up in LAG…

  • As tuas fotografias são simplesmente maravilhosas.


  • Threat??? hahahaha…It’s better to pay attention…
    God pic!!!

  • That’s humor in a scary kind of way. Personally, I prefer the sayings painted all over the walls at La Fonda de la Calle Real. I was just there by the way, we went as part of our Thanksgiving Holiday, which although short was very well received as one can imagine. We came back sick, but it was all worth it. Here, near my parents’ house, there is a Burger joint that has a sign in the kitchen that says, “Do not trust a skinny cook.”

  • Chad, let us hope it is a joke. 😉

    Manolo, I can only tell you that you ARE the one who lost the compass… si no preguntale a Arjona. Y conste and let’s make clear, I don’t like Ricardo Arjona, but maybe you should listen to Si el norte fuera el sur and Mojado. 😉

    María, gracias por tus palabras tan maravillosas.

    Chachi, thanks for pulling me over to your blog and your entry about Homosexuals in Guatemala.

    Carmen, it’s hard to understand because in Guate we take death and la calaca too seriously. There are a few things we should learn from the Mexicans, believe it or not!

  • NOT LIKING ARJONA IS INDEED A SIN…particularly being a proud ChapiMex individual as yourself…just kidding…
    You should listen to the new version of “Si el norte fuera el Sur” in the latest CD of greatest hits and new versions: For starters is a reggae/ska kind of rhythm and then he changed the line that goes “con 18 ya eres todo un hombre pa’la guerra y pa’matar”(at 18 you are a grown man for the war and to kill) for “con 18 eres todo un hombre pa’ir a Iraq y asesinar” (at 18 you are a grown man to go to Iraq and to murder)… I hope this comment doesn’t get LAGDP some unwanted “hits” (no pun intended)….

  • Rudy: Personally, I like the way death is viewed and treated as far as Dia de los Muertos. The emphasis on the sadness is something very akeen to Guatemala in my opinion. The cycle of a life, its moments both sad and happy ought to be celebrated. Pero en gustos se rompen generos. 🙂